Working With the Stonemason on Your Home Renovation Project

Masonry is by far the one of the oldest profession that requires artistic skills. A skilled artist who engages in masonry is a stonemason. Human civilization has witnessed magnanimous artwork that the talented masons have undertaken over the centuries. Certain homes and public spaces were built from stone. The masons would shape the stones in an artistic way. It would set up an interesting ambiance. In recent times, people are employing such skilled professionals to modify or renovate their existing structures to create interesting homes. Some even use the technique to protect the structures or spaces that are too old and in a bad condition.

When you decide to employ the stonemason for your home renovation, you should keep certain dos and don’ts in your mind.

Stone Mason Carlton

Stone Mason Carlton

Setting a Right Budget:

Some people simply assume that they can decide on an amount and undertake the home renovation project with the stonemason. However, one has to be practical in the commercial matters. Find out about the different masons and how they price their services. In addition, look out for the different materials that are used for the masonry and their costing. This will give you a rough idea whether the mason is charging you right for his services. It will help you in deciding the budget and not going overboard with the expenditure. While hiring the professional, clearly state your budget and expectations so that he does not stretch beyond the set amount.

Choosing the Material:

Picking the right material for the home renovation project is of utmost importance. It can make or break the look of your home. Hence, you will have to discuss with the professional mason about the available options. It is also about the space that you will be renovating. Different stones or bricks will create a specific ambiance. For instance, natural stone is a great option for gardens, fireplaces, outdoors pathways etc. Whereas you can choose something like artificial or manufactured stones for indoors. There are bricks and stucoo that you can opt for installation. Remember to discuss all the options with stonemason and then begin with the project.

Working on a Pattern:

There are amazing layouts that the masons work on. Depending on the nature of the space, you can choose from the patterns in which the stones have to be installed. However, this will require intense brainstorming. Research well on the designs and work in accordance with the stonemason. The professional is the one who has the experience in handling such work and knows how practical or ambitious your home renovation project is. While you can keep looking out for the designs and discuss with the mason, allow him to explain the feasibility of undertaking it.

Stone mason Eltham

Stone mason Eltham

Execution of the Project:

Discuss with the stonemason and set a deadline for the project completion. While it is best to give the creative freedom to the mason for working on the pattern, you should always keep a check on him. Keep visiting the site and seek updates on the procedures from the mason. A good professional will always keep you in the loop about the advances. However, as a client, you should personally check and see if the updates are actually true and the work is being undertaken. At the same time, one has to be flexible. There might be certain circumstances which would lead to a delay in accomplishing the renovation on time. You will have to be considerate about the condition and allow some extra time for the completion.

While working with the mason always participate in the discussion. Do not dominate and you must value the advice that he offers as he has more experience in the field than you.

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