What Are The Different Types Of Essays?

Writing essays is not easy, all students know that. One has to first equip themselves with the skills needed to write better and then it needs hours of practicing to polish those skills to write in the most efficient and effective manner. There is just so much help you can get from websites like Write My Essay for this. But before one starts working on the skills it is better to gain knowledge regarding the subject of essay writing. There are many different types of essays and each should be handled differently. Once you understand what type of an essay you are supposed to write, you can easily pen it down.

Narrative Essays:

In this essay, the writer usually narrates an incident with hints of personal experience. The writing can be so much better if the writer chooses to narrate a personal account, as it would feel more real. If I were to write my essay on something I have gone through or witnessed, it will be easy for me because I can describe my feelings as accurately as possible. Narrative essays have little details in them.

Descriptive Essays:

As the name implies, these essays have a lot of description and detail in them. Generally a scene or moment is being told with as much detail as possible regarding the people (the features and expression), the scene (the setting and atmosphere created) and feelings. You will find more adjectives in a descriptive essay than anywhere else. It can also be a narration.

Argumentative Essays:

As the name can tell you, the writer has to pen down a few statements in agreement or disagreement on the topic. The topic can be like- men are more efficient at work, do you agree or disagree? These types of essays can be quite tricky and you have to be very precise with the words and clever with the statements you make to convince the reader. Treat it like a debate where you talk in favor or against the topic and mold your audience’s thinking as well.

College Essay:

This is a slightly different type of essay from all those mentioned earlier because this is a balanced mixture of descriptive and narrative essays and even argumentative essay to some extent. This essay is usually written before college admissions in order to get enrolled. The students write about themselves as individuals, striving to get better personality and academic wise, about their dreams and the careers they would like to pursue and why.

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