How Website Localization Can Boost Global Sales

There are more than 3.5 billion Internet users around the world. It may come as a surprise to you that the great majority of these are not based in the United States. In fact, North America accounts for just 8.7 percent of all Internet users. Which means that if you haven’t considered website localization as a vital strategy, you’re missing out on more than 90 percent of potential global sales! With the world increasingly connected by technology, global tastes are merging. So, if you think your product or service won’t be of interest overseas, it’s time to think again.

Having a website gives you a window on the world and the world a window on your business. But according to the Common Sense Advisory, 87 percent of consumers who can’t read English, won’t buy from an English website. So, even if you have a product that piques their interest or completely satisfies a need, if they can’t understand your message, you can kiss your prospect goodbye. Here are just a few ways that website localization can boost global sales.

  1. Speak your customers’ language around the world

If you want to compete in global markets, you’re going to have to speak the language. But website localization goes way beyond delivering a translated version of your homepage. No one likes reading a message that feels like it’s been translated! To get website localization right and to maximize your sales, you’ll need local native speakers who are aware of regional vocabulary, cultural beliefs and preferences. You might think that rolling out one Spanish version of your website for Spanish speakers around the world is good enough. But, Spanish speakers in Colombia don’t share the same culture, climate or phrases as Spanish speakers in Spain. Your winter offers will go down like a lead balloon in an equatorial country with a year-round hot and steamy climate.

When you enter global markets, you’ll be up against some fierce competition from other global providers and local competitors. If your website fails to resonate with your audience, they’re just a click away from another business doing it better. Hire a localization company who can make sure that all your bases are covered. Localization goes way beyond words. So, make sure that currency, units of measure, colors and images are all appropriate for your target audience. Having all these elements in place and providing an optimal user experience will boost your global sales and give you a competitive edge.

  1. Get a competitive edge

The internet has given us easy access to new markets like never before. But it’s also increased the amount of competition. If you want to boost your global sales, you’ll need to do better than your competition. When you invest in website localization for the different world markets you sell in, you’ll get an advantage over the rest. You’ll be sending out a message that speaks to your customer and resonates with them on a local level.

Customers will be far more likely (87 percent more, in fact!) to buy products form your website, over a company whose message is only in English. You’ll also take advantage of local SEO and improve your SERP ranking around the world on a local level. More on that below!

  1. Improve your visibility in search engines

Here’s a little tip for you. Search is increasingly local these days. Search engines are now serving up users information that is relevant to them locally. So, if a British person in London searches for tea and cakes, they’ll be displayed results where they can find said products locally to them. When you localize your website by adding local pages, a local telephone number, address and local information, your SERP ranking will increase.

What if you don’t have local presence? You can still take advantage of better SEO, by using the right, localized keyword terms when you get your strategy right. This means ensuring that your localization team is aware of the search terms used in local markets. If you’re in the leisure industry, remember that Australians and Brits go “on holiday”, not “vacation.” If you sell clothing, learn the local words for different pieces. Making sure that your on-page and off-page SEO is localized will improve your visibility and boost your global sales.

Website localization will give you access to a global market. You’ll be able to compete in new markets and extend your global reach. You’ll have access to potentially unlimited sales, with greater visibility in search engines and a higher level of trust for consumers. You’ll have the tools at your disposal to take your product or service to the world and boost your global sales by adapting your message to local audiences. Get localizing today!

Author Bio

Christina Comben is Content Manager at translation services and localization company, Day Translations. Multilingual and qualified to MBA level, Christina is passionate about writing, traveling and continued education.

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