How To Use All In One Multi Recharge SIM To Start A Recharge Business?

After the instant success of online recharge portals like Rechargeinsta and Paytm in India, now more and more youth in the country are keen to start their own mobile recharge business.

After demonetization step in November 2016, this business has witnessed a further surge in India. There are multiple reasons why is this business booming in India. The obvious reasons are after demonetization, people didn’t have hard cash in their pockets. So they were in a way compelled to pay their bills online, recharge mobile phones and DTH’s.

After demonetization, one of the most successful recharge companies in India claimed that it witnessed 34 million transactions in a few days after demonetization. And its user base increased manifolds.

One more important reason in the surge of online recharge business in India is the introduction of All in One Multi Recharge Sim in India. How all in one multi recharge sim helped in the growth of online mobile recharge business in India. Let us review in the next section of this article.

Advantages Of Using All in One Multi Recharge Sim

The introduction of all in one multi recharge sim has reduced the headache of keeping diverse sim of various mobile operators in mobile phones. So the invention of all in one multi recharge sim is regarded as an incredible development in the world of mobile recharge business.

It is considered the last nail in the coffin of Lapu Sim recharge business as it has been replaced by a more suitable system in the form of all in one Mobile recharge sim.

There are numerous advantages of single Sim multi recharge over traditional methods of mobile and DTH Recharging. It reduces efforts, work time and resource of the mobile recharge distributor. Not just distributors it is turning out to be a most useful and convenient tool for consumers as well.

Some Of Its Obvious Benefits for the Distributor As Well As for Consumer Are As Follows:

  1. Reduces Difficulty: A retailer was required to keep more than one mobile phone loaded different sim of mobile operators which was quite an inconvenient task for them. The invention of all in one multi recharge sim has abandoned Lapu Sim recharge system. A distributor now needs to remember codes of mobile operators for hassle free recharge.
  1. Reduces Expenditure: It is obvious when you require just need a single sim laden with balance for recharging diverse mobile operator connections, your expenditures will reduce. Your investments will condense as you will not need to invest in the mobile operators individually.
  1. Saves Time And Efforts: Time is an asset, time saved is money earned. You don’t need to meet the representatives of mobile operators one by one to revive balance of mobile operators.
  1. Increases Profit: The All in one multi recharge sim distributors receive commission time to time as a benefit of the promotional offers including supplementary margins on the balance at flat rates.

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