Understanding Insurance Policies

Sound financial planning requires the use of proper insurance plans. Many of us have some kind of insurance, but only a few have true understanding on what it must have. For many consumers, insurance is considered as a form of investment and it could provide some amount of financial return in the future. Ask about their favourite investment methods, many would say that insurance is the central part of their investment program. However, insurance products are also subjected to rampant mis-selling, since many agents are taking advantage of enthusiastic consumers. They only seek to gain fat commission by selling more insurance products.

Insurance can be used to spread out our financial risks. It is not only useful for household consumers, but also business organizations to counter any unfortunate event. In its purest form, the claim won’t be paid after predefined events occur. In essence it should help us effectively spread risk among other consumers who also seek to get financial security. To obtain the financial protection against risks, we should create a contract with the insurance provider. As an example, the life insurance plan promises an amount of money for family members or other parties, when the insured passes away before a predefined time.

To obtain the financial protection against possible risks, the insured party is required to pay compensation and it’s known as premium. It could be paid monthly, quarterly and annually as decided in the signed contract. The total amount of premium payments paid is usually lower the actual coverage, so it would still make sense for consumers to seek insurance. It should be noted that there are a variety of factors that could determine our premium and coverage. These factors may include the age of the insured individual, when the insured item was bought, the number of years the coverage is sought and additional benefits we seek.

It should be noted the specific insurance plans may contain some add-ons that provide us many more things than just financial protection. As an example, our life insurance plan may include personal accident rider. It is actually possible to exit the policy before the terms end and take back our money, if we haven’t made any claim. In this case, the policy will cease to exist. The amount the insurance company pay us is known as the surrender value.

In essence, anything that can be quantified financially can be insured, even including our lives. In this case, life insurance policy can protect our family financially due to loss of income. Health insurance can also protect our family against unexpected medical expenses. Car has monetary values and we could get financial protection against damage in accidents or robbery. We could also protect our home against flood, fire and thefts. In this case, any perils that can affect our family should be considered as something that may happen and we could get insurance coverage for the,

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