Latest In-Trends For A Phenomenal Business Web Design

Modern day businesses’ are ready to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars for redesigning their existing website or to design a fresh website, considering that an attractive design would help them grab more business. Is this really helpful ? Can a simple design overlap an eloquent one? How would you determine the line of difference that lies between simplicity and overdo? It really matters to users? It is agreeable fact that the “wow factor” can create a positive impression on potential customers, investors and many other business prospects, but does it impactful on sales? Well, the answer here is a Yes. One more thing to be kept as a note here is providing appropriate information along with the simple and easy-to-understand website. To put simple, your website should be credible enough to help you attain targets within a specific time slot.

As we have already discussed the role of a website in business success, it is also important to keep a track of ever-changing trends and client needs. Even in today’s digital economy, there are many businesses that have a keen focus on their products and services, but don’t realise the value and importance of being on the cutting edge of the latest in trends of website designing. This happens to be the main reason why many entrepreneurs and business owners feel confused whether they should invest in keeping their website updated with the latest trend?

A quick solution to this dilemma is that it is crucial for the business owners to stay on cutting edge of rapidly changing web design trends to keep your business relevant and can progressively convert visitors into customers.

Listed below are the latest web design trends that businesses’ should follow to maintain consistency in customer engagement and conversion rates:

1) Use of Videos in Background: It might be the best time to bid adieu to the conventional image sliders. HTML 5 video seems to have a greater potential in the approaching years, convincing some major brands to make this switch. The businesses that have made this switch have experienced a remarkable response and closed some significant deals due to the effect of stunning video backgrounds. However, this video integration should not leave visitors waiting. It has been observed people quit a website having elements that take a long time to load. Keep testing the design until you come up with quality and speed that matches user requirements.

2) Layouts in Grid Format: You can follow the trend of Pinterest when it comes to grid format layouts. Regardless of the business-type, the user experience is an element that matters the most. It is highly preferable to use grid-like layouts for improved user experience especially for the businesses that are product-based. The grid form layout enables users to view each item individually in a systematic and logical way.

3) Large Fonts and Images: If a majority of visitors spend hardly 15 seconds on your website, what’s wrong there? Most importantly, what you will do to keep them engaged? Well, it would be the best option to ditch the banner ads and make your website visually more appealing with large texts paired with full-screen images or videos.

4) Ghost Buttons: Displays with ghost-like elements are surely futuristic. Making ghost buttons the focal point to call actions helps improving user experience. There are several tools available these days that will help to integrate stunning ghost buttons that can become the centre of attraction on a page.

All the trends discussed above are just a glimpse of striking trends that a business owner or entrepreneur can use for enhancing the overall web design, providing customers an exceptional experience and turn them into repeated customers.

Author Bio

Kristy Bernales, is a Senior Corporate Web Designer at webdesignxperts, based in Melbourne, Australia. Having the cutting-edge expertise of designing, she advocates for best practices and trends to follow for maintaining consistent top position on the web. You can connect her on Twitter & FB.

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