Topnotch SEO Strategies To Enhance The Authority and Ranking Of Your Site

The number of entrepreneurs who are leveraging the internet to grow their market is increasing by day. This is because the world is so connected that you can easily access a market far away from where you are by simply clicking a button on your phone or keyboard. These entrepreneurs use search engine optimization marketing strategies to break forth into new markets.

However, search engines have been evolving and their algorithms are being updated every now and then in order to serve web servers well. This continuous algorithm update makes search engines smarter and more sophisticated. The search engine optimization techniques that used to yield a bucket full of results have now become almost irrelevant and to some extent they are classified as black hat.

If you are not careful, you may end up suffering penalties imposed by Google for unethical SEO practices. This is what has driven a lot of people particularly businessmen and internet marketers to ask the question, what are the best SEO techniques in 2016?

Guest Posting

This has been one of the go-to SEO techniques for most marketers and business owners. The essence of guest posting is to enhance the flow of traffic to the target sites. As far as this technique is concerned, Google through its then web spam head, Matt Cutts, said that guest posting is no longer an effective strategy for building links.

According to Matt, guest posting had been relegated to the lower league of SEO strategies because bloggers had started abusing the platform and were no longer paying attention to the value of the content in the articles they were linking to. Their main aim was just to get links.

Is Guest Posting Dead?

The above statements by Google notwithstanding, guest posting can still be effective as long as the content posted is relevant, excellent and deep enough to inspire and inform the targeted audience. Such content will receive an avalanche of social shares and this is sufficient to drive authority to the target site.

Using Infographics to Get Quality Backlinks

Let’s face it, images are what drive viewers to read a post. This is because the mind processes images much quicker than it does textual content. Leveraging on infographics which is essentially a mixture of textual and graphic content, you can get high quality backlinks without breaking a sweat.

To make things even juicier for you, embed a code in your infographic so that any person who uses your image on their site will have to use the code as well. The code should contain your URL and the moment a third party uses it, they indirectly attribute it to you by creating a hyperlink pointing back to your site.


Blogging is an excellent way of pushing up SEO rankings and site authorities. The good thing with this technique is that the content it carries is not only natural but also personal. It opens up your world so that people can see things from your perspective. This can potentially drive traffic to your site.

Scouring the web for high performing content and using it as the basis of your writing, can make your content more reliable.

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