Top Services Offered by The Criminal Lawyer Ottawa

If you are charged with any criminal offence in Ottawa only an expert criminal defence lawyer can stand by your side and help you in getting the bail. Even after that, you will need the criminal lawyer Ottawa to defend you in the courtroom and prove your innocence to the Crown. Experienced attorneys fighting criminal cases over the years offer a wide array of services. Whether you are visiting a criminal law firm or an individual lawyer, knowing their versatility will be helpful for you.

Top Services Offered by The Criminal Lawyer Ottawa

So, here are the top services offered by the criminal lawyers in Ottawa—

Bail: When a person gets arrested and taken under the police custody with charges of criminal charges, it is the bail that helps the person to get released temporarily from the detention. If you or any of your known persons have been arrested on the charges of committing any serious crime, all you need is to contact an individual expert lawyer or a criminal attorney from a reputed firm at  Let the legal professional take the action immediately by preparing the bail for you or your friend. If the matter is no that grave, the bail gets approved and you or your loved one can get released.

Sexual Offences: There are expert criminal lawyers in Ottawa that can defend you from the charges of sexual assaults. According to the Criminal Code of Canada, sexual crimes are serious offence and if proved guilty under Section 265, the criminal can be severely penalized. At the same time, the person’s reputation will be ruined forever. It is the responsibility of the criminal defence lawyer Ottawa to gather genuine evidence and help the client set free of the charges.

Drug crimes: The “possession with the purpose of trafficking”|“trafficking a controlled substance” are dreadful crimes according to the Criminal Code of Canada and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. If the accused is found guilty of drug crimes the person has to suffer the peril under the Canadian laws. The Crown in the courtroom leaves no corner in proving the accused guilty. Therefore, the criminal lawyers in Ottawa have to show their expertise in defending the clients by showing proper evidence legally. It is a big responsibility of the lawyers to prove the person innocent as the consequences can ruin the hard earned reputation of the person if proved guilty in the courtroom.

DUI or Impaired Driving: Until and unless the victim dies in the accidents, the DUI or impaired driving charges are not serious criminal offences under the rules of the Criminal Code of Canada. If you are charged with any of these offences, an expert DUI criminal lawyer Ottawa can resolve the issue in the police custody. In Canada, most of these cases are resolved at the police custody unless someone dies in the accident. By paying a small penalty and submitting petitions your lawyer can help you out of the situation.

Besides these, the criminal lawyers can fight for domestic assaults, youth crimes, homicide, white collar crimes and more.

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