Top Gadgets to Help with Your Nursing Degree

Deciding to enroll in Maryville University to earn your online nurse practitioner degree is a big step towards your future. As you learn how to become a nurse practitioner, you will be faced with all kinds of challenges along the way. With that said, you may want to consider picking up on a variety of top gadgets that can make earning your degree a whole lot smoother.

Voice Recorder

One of the handiest and most-used gadgets that nursing students tend to make use of is a voice recorder. For a super high tech version opt for a USB voice recorder that you can then plug into your laptop and listen to any time you like. This gadget is ideal for making notes, listening to lectures, and even helping you study. A typically USB recording is able to offer up to 15 hours’ worth of recording time before it needs to be charged again. It’s small enough to throw in a purse, bag, or even in your pocket.

Laptop and Printer

Of course, it’s pretty difficult to enroll in online studies if you don’t have a laptop and printer to work on. A laptop is ideal because it gives you the freedom to work from any place you want without having to be tied to the desk. Look for one that offers lots of storage space and plenty of speed. As for a printer, depending on the space you have available you may be looking for something small and basic, or something with a few extra bells and whistles. Look for one that offers Wi-Fi capabilities so you can print from any location.

Ampule Cracker/Opener

Well this one isn’t necessarily used during your schooling you will definitely need it once you get out into the field. What this does is help you open pre-scored glass ampules quickly, safely, and effectively. It can act as a huge time saver.

A Variety of Apps

Instead of just one gadget, you will need a variety of gadgets that can help you with your studies and then your career as a nurse. You’ll find apps that are meant to keep you organized for your classes, assignments, and homework, plus basic nursing tools, medical reference apps, handy calculators, and so much more. You can use your smartphone to build a whole arsenal of high-tech apps that are available to you wherever you go.


If you happen to be living with anyone else or you plan to take your laptop with you to work at public places, then you’ll want to invest in some good quality headphones. You’ll be able to listen to your voice recordings, live lectures, and more without everyone else having to hear. There’s also the fact that listening to a little music while you work can help you to be more productive.

Prepping Yourself with Gadgets

Earning your nursing degree requires time and commitment, but thanks to the gadgets mentioned, the process can be much smoother and certainly more effective.

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