Top 4 Remote Travel Destinations and How to Get There

When you feel like life is getting out of hand and you simply need a breather, when family, home, work and social obligations seem too overwhelming for the “regular you”, then it’s high time you take a step back and spend time with yourself, to regain composure and re-charge to tackle all this and more.

How about taking the advice of luxury travel agent and heading off to an isolated travel destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Interested?

Below, we have rounded up the top 4 remote vacation spots worldwide that you will find the ultimate relaxation you more than deserve. Also included below are the best ways to get to these sought-after travel spots. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Deception Island

Easily recognisable by its broken ring shape, this active volcano in one of the planet’s inhospitable places may not be the most ideal travel destination, unless of course it is Deception Island. Despite the periodic eruptions, its collapsed volcanic cone provides one of the safest natural harbours in the world.

This secret haven is tens of thousands of miles away from any major town or city, making it the ideal place to get away from it all. Relax your aching muscles and take a dip in this haven’s water as the geothermal temperatures make it highly ideal for a relaxing, long soak.

How to get there: Getting to Deception Island is no easy feat, however. You need to book a trip to Buenos Aires, and from there, you have two options—a grueling 50-hour bus ride toward Ushuaia or a plane (the second option sounds more appealing).

Upon arriving, you need to secure passage via an overnight voyage. But be warned. This is not for the faint of heart, yet if you are more than willing to take a leap of faith, an exciting trip to Deception Island could become your most unforgettable trip at the edge of the world.

Alice Springs

Although this place would not win any beauty contest, Alice Springs’ natural rugged desert terrain has tons of things to offer. There’s more to this Australian outback than meets the eye.

It is not the most isolated place in Australia but the nearest major city or town is about a 17-hour drive away. Luxury travel agent encourage tourists to hire a guide if they want to explore Alice Springs’ natural beauty, its flora and fauna.

Other than that, Alice Springs also offers outstanding galleries featuring Indigenous art and excellent museums. This place also provides great dining options to tourists, featuring a wide sampling of local cuisines. There are also a wide array of accommodations and of course travel connections.

How to get there: It is a lengthy journey toward Alice Springs once you arrive in Australia, but it is relatively straightforward—you have to drive, and drive further until you arrive at your destination. 

Easter Island

There are only a handful of places in the world possessing a mystical pull, and one of those is the tiny speck of land in one of the most isolated spots on the planet—Easter Island or Rapa Nui to the locals. Known for the Moai or the enormous logic-defying head sculptures on Earth, you’d hardly feel that this island is connected to Chile, being more than 3700 kilometres away to the east.

Emanating a mysterious magnetic vibe, Easter Island is a dream come true for travellers seeking for some peace and quiet.

How to get there: Like the other 2 isolated travel destinations mentioned earlier, getting to Easter Island is an adventure of itself. Most travellers land in either Santiago or Tahiti to get to this remote spot. 

But the travel will all be worth it as soon as you take in its breath-taking savage beauty, its rich culture and loads of isolation.

Ozark Mountains

You might be surprised to know that the United States has a handful of remote locations waiting for those who seek solitude, peace and quiet, away from the maddening crowds of cities.

The Ozark Mountains stretches from the northwest toward central Arkansas, delving right into Missouri. Once surrounded by sea, this ancient range offers miles of trails, ideal for hikers and adventure seekers.

Its verdant mountains give way to hard-dirt farms and misty fields, while the karst formations line rivers, lakes and thin back roads.

How to get there: Compared with the other 3 isolated spots in the list, getting to the Ozark Mountains is a breeze if you’re based in the United States. Simply take a long drive to Arkansas or book a flight to get there.

Summing up

Spend some time getting in touch with your inner self and enjoy some of these most isolated spots on the planet. Book a flight now with your luxury travel agent and get ready to experience amazing isolation and relaxation.


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