Tips and Suggestions for Your First Trip to Philadelphia

So you have finally found time to make that long-awaited trip to the land of brotherhood Philadelphia. Tickets are booked, hotel rooms reserved, and you have also made yourself a list of things to do, places to visit, and foods to sample. Good for you, but we are sure some tips would make your trip much more pleasant. Read on, and you can thank us later.

Explore Food: It could be very tempting and convenient to get stuck on the most popular Philly food of cheesesteaks and pretzels, but you must be aware that Philadelphia is a melting pot of the best of world cuisine. So do take those street walks and sample the food from all over the world. You will find fine restaurants serving Italian, Mexican, or Israeli food. Just at one location – the Reading Terminal market – you can find scores of irresistible choices.

Use The Town Bus: Philadelphia has a town bus called Philly Phlash which offers a single ride as well as all-day passes. The full-day pass would take you to the most important landmarks at a very economical $5. This bus runs once every 15 minutes, so you don’t need to fret if you miss one.

Enjoy The Outdoors: Philadelphia has some fountains, gardens, and parks where you can take a breath while the city rushes by. Fairmount Park is one of the prime attractions of Harrah’s Philly, where you can have a picnic, or go for a brisk walk, hike or cycling trip.

Keep Walking: They say any city or town is best understood when one walks through its streets and lanes, and Philadelphia is anyway known as a walker’s paradise. Give that radio cab a miss, and get out your walking shoes. You can run into small shops where you can buy Philly curios, or sample some hole in the wall’s delicious steak, meet some interesting people and discover aspects of the city no guidebook told you about.

Museums: Philadelphia is a city of numerous museums, and you should take the time to explore the delights they have got to offer. From the US Constitution to Science to French Art to Maritime History, there are museums for several different subjects, and you are sure to find one which you are interested in. For the others, these museums are a great way to pique your interest.

Think Before You Splurge: Do take the effort to find out about various free days offered by many of the landmark institutions of Philadelphia. There are several museums which offer free days; the zoo has multiple free entry schemes if membership is taken.

Prioritize: Philadelphia is a city that is usually not possible to cover in one trip unless you can stay for a month or so. But for the rest of us, who need to get back to school or work, a week or two is the most we can afford. Therefore, it is crucial for you to make a plan (with some buffer time thrown in) for your trip and not try to visit everything on that trip.

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