Things To Consider When Buying Home Security Cameras

No doubt we all want to live a life that is safe and secure. We are in no mood to take any risks. I am damn sure that like me, you will be also thinking about buying security cameras, right? But there are a few things to consider or say I want to put some light on the facts that you should consider before you make the important investment of your life.

There came a time in my life when I too decided to invest on home security camera systems. Increasing crime rate around me was the main motivation for me. I decided it was time to make the purchase and stay safe.

So I started looking for different security camera systems. I spent a good amount of time buying and trying out new models. All the cameras that I tried were easily accessible over the computers using an internet connection. I came across cheap models as well as high-end ones that were out of my budget.

During the process I came to learn a few things. So I am taking this opportunity to share them with you. So before we get in let me ask you a question – do you know that these cameras can be hacked? Yes, it is true. It really sounds good to see that you can easily monitor your home and surrounding using a digital security camera but what if you are offering a platform to the hackers to get into your home? They will see what your cameras can see. Now this sounds a bit alarming, right? So if you too have any plans to invest on a security camera for your home then I would suggest you to go through this post before you make an investment.

Security cameras are not completely secure

Most of the security cameras that you will find in the market are not completely safe. Some of the vendors as well as the sales people don’t have proper understanding of the codes used in the cameras and how well they would work for you. So if you are planning to buy one, you should invest in a trustworthy brand. Take your time and find a dependable one before investing.

Cameras can be hacked on the internet

It is advisable to go through some Google results regarding security cameras. Some of the cameras available in the market work on ports that are nondefault. They can be easily tracked down by the hackers. The hackers can simply check for such cameras over the internet by going for such port. Once they have them they can do their trick and get into your world.

Change password

Most of the cameras come with default passwords. Once you have them, you must change the password. The cameras with default passwords are easy to track down by the hackers. Again, there are few websites which simply help such intruders who are trying to get into the camera system.

Cameras should have encrypted connection

A number of cameras out there in the market follow insecure connection method. So when you are out there make sure you ask for cameras which have TLS-enabled connection. They are secure and safe from hackers.

Consider the features

Yes, we are spending money for the purpose of security. So make sure you have all the important features onboard. This can include night vision, motion detection, etc. Night vision is much important to get clearer picture during night or at low-light regions. Motion detectors will help to capture a movement that takes place within the surveillance area of the camera. Checking for alert feature is also a better idea.

So keep these things in mind and make an investment that will help you safeguard your home and property the right way.

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