The Introvert’s Guide To Studying Abroad

One of the most frightening things in the life of an introvert is being forced to participate in group activities and discussions when all you want to do is crawl in a corner somewhere and hide. Introverts don’t generally enjoy large groups and they certainly aren’t going to go out of their way to volunteer answers and offer to facilitate a project, so actually studying abroad might have its advantages for introverts if they opt for programs such as a master of liberal arts online. It’s one way to study a people and their culture without needing to be thrown into large groups. If you are an introvert by nature, this introvert’s guide to studying abroad is for you.

Plan Your Travels Abroad Well in Advance

The one thing you will want to do when studying abroad is to plan well ahead for where you want to study. If you are opposed to large groups and want the comfort of solitude to study in, look for hostels and perhaps even self-catering rooms where you can stay while in the area. Make sure there will be an Internet connection because you will want to study online. Check out the electricity in the region to ensure you have the proper adaptors if they are needed and by all means, purchase the best tour guide of the region you can find.

Take Your Studies Live

There is no reason why an online masters liberal arts program needs to include being part of a group. You can study at home, or even in a coffee shop, if there is a connection to the Internet and a power source for your device. Study abroad in Rome whilst sitting in a local café sipping espresso and then venture out to see the catacombs, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum or even the Ostia Antica where amazingly well-preserved ruins are there to be seen. There is no reason why you need to join a tour group. Buy a guide and tour sites at your leisure – a perfect solution for an introvert.

Venture Out and About during Off Hours

If you are averse to large crowds, do your online studies during peak hours of the day when the majority of people in the area will be traveling to and from work. If there is bound to be a large group, stay indoors during those times. Just because you chose to study a master of arts in history online doesn’t mean that you need to tour famous places and museums during times when the majority of locals will be mulling about.

Venture out during off hours to see the sites you are writing about, especially if you are doing a dissertation on that particular culture or art. In fact, you can learn so much more by travelling on your own without a group hanging you up in spots that aren’t important to your studies.

What it boils down to for an introvert is being able to study abroad where you can see all that you need to see and do all that you need to do to coincide with your coursework but no one says you must study at a local college or university. Take yours along with you, that online curriculum on your laptop, and you’ll do just fine.

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