The Highest Paying Jobs In Law Enforcement

Now that you’ve earned your masters in criminal justice online, it’s time to start looking for a job. If law enforcement is the avenue you want to pursue, then this list of the top paying positions may be of interest to you. Obviously, some of these positions require a few years of experience, but at least you can work towards them.


This one probably comes as no surprise to people, and obviously your online masters in criminal justice is just a small part of the schooling and training you’ll need. If you’re willing to put in the time though, a career as a lawyer can be interesting, challenging, and highly rewarding. There’s a pretty large salary span in this field with the average being between $54,000 to $166,000 per year. Where you work, how many cases you take on, and the type of cases you take will help to determine your pay.

Security Manager

Your background in criminal justice could be just what you need to make the perfect security manager. The average pay is around $69,000 per year and this is the kind of position that allows you to work with a property or building rather than with the police. You will be responsible for running that building’s security force.

Forensic Psychologist

While this particular position requires many years of schooling and training, it can be worth it for many people. In this position, you will be looking at the behavior and nature of people in order to put together criminal profiles that help law enforcement to find suspects. You may even take an active role in an investigation and interview a suspect.


In order to become a detective, you will obviously need to put in your time, go through many promotions, and perform all the necessary steps. As a detective you can expect to make on average $100,000 per year. Some states are known for higher wages in this department such as Alaska and the District of Columbia.

Intelligence Analyst

Here’s a job that people aren’t quick to think about yet it pays on average $83,000 per year. In this job, you won’t be out in the field, rather you will be working at a desk analyzing all kinds of information and data related to security risks. The FBI in particular employs a large number of these analysts.

Financial Examiner

While this may seem less glamorous, it’s ideal for those who don’t want to work in the field in a potentially dangerous position. As a financial examiner, it will be your job to look at audits performed on corporations, companies, and individuals to find anything that isn’t on the up and up. These examiners can help to find money laundering rings, embezzling scams, and more. As far as the salary goes, the average pay is about $79,000 per year.

Once you’ve got your masters in criminal justice you’re really able to branch out and learn what it is you like, what challenges you, and what you can see yourself doing as your career.

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