Study Theology To Know About The Religion Of Christianity

Individuals usually choose careers that they are passionate about. For instance, students may be drawn to theology to get more detailed knowledge regarding how religions came to be, not just what has been reverberated in readings throughout childhood.

David Turlington is a student of theology who enjoys writing about belief systems and in what way they impact people on various aspects.

Study Theology To Know About The Religion Of Christianity

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of studying theology according to David:

  • It is required to attain salvation.

  • It helps to increase faith. It is said that people continue to increase their knowledge, which in turn, increases their faith by trusting God’s Word. However, one cannot believe the Bible unless he or she understands what the Bible says. Thus, studying theology can help you to understand Bible and increase faith.

  • It leads to godliness and discipleship.

  • It gives individuals a thorough Biblical foundation and protects them from false doctrine.

  • It helps an individual to build a correct Christian world-view

  • It is required in order to stay on the right path.

  • It helps an individual to grow and mature.

  • It assists a person to defend the faith.

  • It fuels worship and obedience.

  • It is the foundation of hope, joy and peace.

  • It unites Christians

  • It strengthens the Church.

So, it can be said that the study of theology can bring many advantages and blessings, not only in this brief life, but in the eternal life to come.

The term ‘theology’ originates from a blend of Greek words, theos, which indicates “god”, and logos, which means reason. In simpler words, theology is the study of who God is and what God is like. However since God is a God who makes and acts in the world, theology consists of much more. Theology is therefore, the study of God, His making, and His work in creation.

Theology ten important areas such as:

  • God includes the study of the existence of God, who God is, and what God is like

  • Christ includes the study of the individual, lifetime, doing, and ministry of Jesus Christ

  • Humanity involves the study of human characteristics

  • Holy Spirit consists of study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit

  • Salvation include the study of what God is and His act all through the history of the world in order to redeem His individuals and formations

  • Church consists of the study of the structure, formation, leadership, and nature of the church

  • Sin contains the study of the nature of sin and its impact on persons and the biosphere

  • Angels involves the study of angels and demons

  • Last things include the study of hell, heaven, judgment and prophecy.

As stated by David Turlington rightly, theology is ultimately about worship, belief and faith. He says that a true Christian should know what it is that they have faith in and why they trust it, it is also important for Christians to know the religion in detail in order to defend Christian truth claims.

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