All About Shipping Container Services

Containerization is used to transport freight. These shipping containers are made of steel and have standard dimensions. These containers are created keeping in mind rough loading, unloading, long distances of transportation as well as stacking. These containers also can efficiently be used to transfer loads from one system of transport to the other – from the ship to trucks or to railway trains.

Container leasing, as well as rentals, help you to get the kind and type of shipping container you want.  There are different factors which determine the cost of the rental or leasing. These factors include the condition of the container – if it is new or refurbished, the modification which is required by the user, a size of the container and whether it is being rented or leased. In addition, there is always maintenance as well as moving costs which need to be considered as well when arriving at the cost of the container.

Melbourne transport companies

Melbourne transport companies

How do you choose the shipping containers services?

When choosing a container service you need to remember if you rent it for longer, it is cheaper. If you want to add more features or customize it, the unit will cost more and the larger the size of the container, the more is the costs in terms of fees and shipping.

  • Other factors that need to be factored when reaching the exact dollar value of the container is the delivery cost of the container. Depending on where the container is unloaded, the delivery cost per mile needs to be calculated. This is from the unloading point to the point where you want the container to be.
  • If the container is purchased in other countries, either the containers can be shipped to you empty and you will need to pay delivery charges or else a cheaper method is to contact a transporting company and check if they need cargo to be transported. That way with cargo in them, part payment of the delivery fee can be recovered.
  • The sizes of containers are 20 feet, 40 feet and some even have 56 feet. The 56 feet containers are more expensive due to their length. They require specialized trucks to transport them as they do not fit on normal trucks. However, they do offer 120 square feet of living space.
Shipping containers Melbourne

Shipping containers Melbourne

How do you transport your goods by consulting with shipping container services?

There is a process called sitting of shipping containers. This is the process of removal of the containers from the delivery truck to your premises and most freight companies do not figure this cost in their normal accounting. This sitting depends on the accessibility of the plot as well as the foundations where the container is placed.

  • If you want to transport your container, you should create an advertisement where people tender for your work or else you can approach large freight companies and ask them for their quote. Most people even though they would like to do it themselves are unable to transport the containers themselves due to licensing issues and the fact that they probably do not have access to the equipment needed to transport these containers.
  • When you engage an international freight company, the company expects you to pay them before the containers are shipped. In case it is a local transport which is required, then normally a deposit is paid first and the rest is paid on delivery.
  • Getting containers delivered from local supplies normally takes around a week. However, international deliveries could take even months.

Most freight companies include insurance when they transport containers as part of their fees and companies that do not include insurance as part of the fees have it as an optional upgrade.

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