The Secret of Success in Business

If you’re running a business, if you’re thinking of starting one, even if you’re simply taking decisions as a manger within a much larger firm, the only important thing is success. Success is the holy grail everyone is chasing: investments that yield big rewards, hires that bring great new people into the business, product launches that resonate with your market and hit record sales.

Success is difficult to create out of thin air: it’s elusive and often seems to be a matter of chance as much as anything. While luck certainly has its part to play, there’s a lot you can do to create success for your business, and that’s what we’re looking at today.

Your Greatest Asset

The most important asset your have is the people working for you. You need to hire astutely to get people who fit your culture, understand your values and have great to skills to apply with equally great drive, without overbalancing and creating a culture of uniformity that excludes other points of view.

Using an executive search firm like Savannah Group helps you find the best candidates who don’t just fill a position, but add real value to your business, identifying new opportunities and driving it forward to fresh success.

Planning and Research

If there’s one thing that helps you create success for your business it’s information: hard data that you can use to model outcomes of your decisions, and avoid bad consequences even as you steer towards good ones.

You have plenty of options for research: you can conduct your own on a small scale, polling customers to get their opinion prior to a product launch or branding change to try and make sure your decisions will be appreciated by the market you’re crafting them for. You could distribute a survey or short link to an online questionnaire with purchases or invoices, or even have your customer service staff ask a few short questions at the end of a purchase or interaction.

On a wider scale, you could work with a market research agency to survey a far wider spread of people – crucially, including those who aren’t already customers. While it’s more expensive, this could be a vital step to deriving the insights you need.


The most important thing you can do as a decision maker is listen. Listen to the diverse, highly qualified team of executives you’ve hired, listen to the data you’ve gather and make your decisions on the tough truths you’ve learned to listen to, not on what you want to be true.

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