Picking An Appropriate Door Handle For The Front Door

A beautiful front door is a nice way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Front door hardware is an instrumental component to any door assembly. Door hardware comes in a wide range of options and determining your budget will help you narrow down your options. Just like every other product on the market, you get what you pay for. Home Tech is the leading suppliers of many different front doors and window brands to add value to your home.

One of the things to put into consideration is to order the proper type of door hardware to match your door. Mortise and Cylindrical are the two most common types of door hardware and each kind of door hardware requires certain door prep so they can be installed on any door type.

Mortise locks require a pocket at the edge of the door. The “Mortise Pocket” is where the body of the lock will be fixed. Installing a Mortise Lock can be complex and it requires concise measurement and skill. If you choose a mortise lock, it is recommended to hire a professional contractor to help you fix it up.

Cylindrical locks are the most popular front door hardware; it requires two holes drilled into the face of the door for installation. Sectional and monolithic are the two major types of cylindrical front door locks on the market.  For sectional locks, the deadbolts are separate from the bottom handle. Sectional locks permit the holes in your door to be distance apart without affecting its fitting. Monolithic locks come with a plate on the exterior where the deadbolt is fixed onto the bottom handles. Monolithic locks require the holes to be at a precise distance apart before they fit correctly. 5-1/2 inches is the ideal spacing requirement between the holes. The Backet of the latch is another factor to put into consideration when installing a cylindrical lock. A Backet is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole on the face of the door.

Some front door locks demand that you indicate the handing of your door. This often causes a bit of confusion for many customers. There are various ways to hand a door. Order the appropriate hand hardware so it will fit perfectly.

For the cylindrical locks from the outside, while facing the door, if the hinges are located on the right you would need to order a right hand lock.

For a mortise lock, you need to also determine if the swings in or out. Thus, for a mortise lock, while standing outside and facing the door, if the hinges are on your left and the door swings in, the handing would be a left-hand swing.

Shopping for new front door hardware becomes easy once you are fully aware of what needs to be considered. You can pick a front door lock that compliments the design and style of your home.  Beautify your front door with a new hardware today!

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