Osh State Medical University Review

Osh State Medical University is one of the most famous foreign medical universities among Indian students. Every year more than 400 students go to Osh State Medical University in Kyrgyzstan. Until 2014 most of the students were thinking about MBBS in Russia as their first choice but in last two years Osh State Medical University emerge as a star among the Indian students and now most of the students has Osh State Medical university as their 1st choice. In this post I will try to explain why this university is famous and why so many Indian students are attracted toward Osh State Medical University.

Here are some factors-

  • Low Fees: Osh State Medical University was one of the finest medical university at the minimum fees in the world. Osh university increased its infrastructure recently and developed a big training center so that they can produce more doctors every year, of course to develop new big infrastructure and medical facilities for the students, they have to increase the fees, but still Osh State Medical University is a university which offers very low fees compared to the other universities in Russia, Philippines or China for MBBS.
  • Indian Cultural Connections: In Osh and Jalalabad region, there are many students from India. You will never feel any problem or any loneliness.
  • Indian Food Available: In Osh University, there is Indian mess available so students do not have to worry about the food in Kyrgyzstan. Indian mess has Indian veg and Indian non veg food available. Students can eat the food of their choice.
  • The medical faculty of Osh State University started in 1992. Since it started, Osh State University has trained students from more than 20 foreign countries. Currently, more than 2,800 students are studying MBBS in Osh out of which more than 800 are from countries like India, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, etc.
  • Students who come from India to join Osh State University have the option to either study in English or Russian medium too. Most of the students choose English medium for MBBS in Osh and dont have to undergo the preparatory course for Russian language and this way they save 1 year. All the subjects that are taught during the course of MBBS are similar to the pattern in India and the degree that is awarded at the end of course is recognized and valid in India and everywhere in world.

Every year Osh State Medical University increases the medical seats so that large number of students can fulfill their dream to become a doctor and serve the society. Osh State Medical University is doing very well in that way.

“Osh State Medical University has a mission to create best class doctors. University is improving its facilities every year, providing best quality education and provides students the opportunities to practice in university’s hospital. Osh has move forward in its mission but we have bigger dreams for future”. Says Dr. Bhoopendra Magade , International Students Coordinator in Osh State Medical University.

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