Make Life Easy With EaseUS

In today’s era, computers have emerged as a fundamental part of the society. The usage of computer technology has influenced every field and sector of life. Work has become more manageable and painless. Computers are blessing in disguise to the human race. It’s the “Modern Man’s Intelligence Machine”. It has the potentiality to store large amount of data and information. Today’s generations can never even imagine the time when computer or computer technology was non-existent. People, organizations, businesses, students etc rely on this innovation so much that they don’t know what they will do if one day computers become obsolete.

The risk of losing data continues due to certain technological accidents that can take place and create problems. The process of  recover deleted files is not in hands of a common man. A professional tool at the disposal is crucial. The users have a misconception that these tools are not affordable, what they don’t know is that one such professional tool to recover data is absolutely free of cost and available to provide assistance when the files go missing and the data is lost.

Make Life Easy With EaseUS

One needs a data recovery –

  • if the files and folders are inaccessible
  • if the documents are deleted and cannot be traced
  • unexpected shut downs of the computer system
  • error messages like “cannot open file” occur
  • if the format of the computer is unrecognizable
  • if there are virus attacks on the system and many other reasons that forbid the user to access data and information in the computer system.

Recovery data tools and software work by scanning the computer and entering the data base which contains all the information. Even if a file is deleted, it still stays in some part of the data base. And that is how and why the data is recovered to be accessed.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 

It’s very famous benefit is that it can recover anything ever deleted by accident or cleaned in recycle bin. it can recover video files, audio files, documents, folders, nothing is lost. Regardless of the file type, it recovers all the files at once. It’s an easy tool to use and can recover data from PC, laptop, hard disk, USB drive. Users using Mac can also take benefits as it does mac data recovery as well.


  • Select a location– the user provides the program with a specific target that has to be recovered. It can be any folder, partition, disk of the computer.
  • Scan the computer or device– the first scan is really quick and the program will list all the files that were deleted on the desktop screen. Right after the first scan, the second deep scan will start automatically and will perform a detailed scan of the computer section by section. This is a lengthy process. Time to time status of the scan is displayed on the screen to keep the user in light.
  • Examine and Recover– Thousands of files are searched and the user can examine and select the target files to be recovered by the program. After the files are recovered it is saved on the system or any external device for storage.

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