Maintenance for Plantation Shutters


Taking good care of your plantation shutters

Few other window treatments are as popular as that traditional plantation shutters and for good reasons. Many would agree that it makes a good long term investment as it not only contributes to the aesthetics of one’s home, but also help with electricity cost and real estate value. It’s no wonder then that it’s among the most popular window treatments in the market and readily offered by websites like

Now regardless of whether your plantation shutters are made from real wood or faux material, you can expect it to last many years with proper care so long as it’s well made by reputable manufacturers like Shutters Australia. After all, these shutters don’t come cheap and you certainly would want to keep them in good condition. Read on for a few tips on how you can do just that!

So how do you about maintaining your plantation shutters?

Now taking good care of your plantation shutters need not be difficult. Cleaning it will ultimately depend on the material that its made from. Plantation shutters made from genuine hardwood are painted with high quality surface and easily cleaned with some light dusting. No matter what you do, never clean a hardwood shutter with water as it’ll warp and damage the wood. It’s enough to wipe the shutter with wood polish at least once a month and dust it completely. You can use a small brush sprayed with wood polish to clean hard-to-reach areas of the shutter

Faux plantation shutters on the other hand tend to cost a lot less than its traditional hardwood counterpart but demands more in the way of maintenance. As its often made from some kind of vinyl, faux plantation shutters will require good cleaning on a weekly basis. You can use your vacuum with a brush attachment; simply tilt the slaps and vacuum away. Tilt it back on the other side and do the same. Make sure you clean the top and bottom of the shutter as well. For some thorough cleaning, you can use soap and water on a vinyl plantation shutter as vinyl holds up well against moisture.

Of course the only way to make sure that you’re doing what you can to properly maintain your aluminium plantation shutters is to get advice from the manufacturer itself. Review the documents or get in touch with the manufacturer itself. They can tell you exactly what your plantation shutters or awnings Sydney is made of, how its designed and how to properly maintain it in the years to come.

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