How To Maintain Love In Relationship Or Marriage

When you’re alone, you’re craving for a connection. You think it’s all nicer when you have this one special beside yourself and as if, when you find it, everything happens spontaneously.

Well, we will have to disappoint you at first. Yes, love is wonderful and often brings a lot of butterflies into your stomach, and “flower spring” mods in your mind. However, very often you have to roll up your sleeves, to keep that love alive. will share with you the truth about love.

On the Internet, you will find a lot of texts that give you tips on how to maintain that love. And then advise what kind of sexy games to put into your everyday life, and how to improve mutual communication.

This is not such a text. You can freely throw away all the aforementioned advice because they will not work unless you have something else: the knowledge of the ultimate truths about the successful maintenance of love in a relationship / marriage.

Are you ready to discover these truths?

Your connection will work only if you are yourself!

When we start a relationship, we are all making an effort to show our best self. We make the most of our time, we pay attention of what and how we talk. And that’s ok at the beginning, but in time you need to learn to relax and be as it is.

Imagine living with your partner and get up in the morning so he does not see that you look like you were in a horror movie, since you forgot to take off your makeup.

If you forget to remove makeup, let it be.

You will not feel the same amount of love every day.

Imagine the following scenario: wake up one day, when you feel something weird in your stomach. Oh, what is it? No, no more butterflies in the stomach! Well, where are they? Does this mean that you no longer love your partner?

But did you think that this is real?

And then you decide to leave that partner, because it makes no sense to be in a relationship without feelings. And you’re hooking on your fate: “Oh, so when will I find the right person?”

The truth is, you may have just left that true partner out of fear that you no longer love him. And the essence is that you probably still love him, only then did you not know this ultimate truth, which is:

Life would not be life if you allowed you to feel these butterflies every day.

If you remember this truth and do not run away the next time you get up with less emotions towards your partner, do not be surprised if you fall in love with him tomorrow.

It is necessary to work on love if you want to keep it

They do not say for nothing he “fell in love with a fool”. When you fall in love, you only see the good side of that person. You are focused only on it and you do not allow anyone to disturb you in your paradise. You are thinking only about good things.

And when love starts, the feelings that you have at the time may not be as intense as they are, but they are more permanent and more realistic.

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