Best Hair Color Trends For 2017 And Look Chic This Summer

The New Year seems to come with new trends; this means new hair color trends. New trends can be established right from the gray hair. Most of these hairstyles are an extension of the trends which existed before. There are new forms of hair which are metallic with specific shades of natural hair colors. The top hair stylist listed a number of the color trends which are amazing and attractive. They are outlined as follows.

1. Pink Tips

It is the best example of the beautiful together with subtle rose gold tips. It is classy in nature compared to other hairstyles. This design attracts most women. This color is one of the trendiest colors that most women use. Thinking about hair coloring? Get that done now with best tips. It is possible to be done.

2. Rosy Locks

This type of the rose gold will never shade away; it maintains its state regardless of the changes in the environment. In the case where we transit to the summer, you need to go a little bit more to the sky shades which are appealing to the eye? This needs ladies who go for the trendiest designs.

3. Rose Gold Blonde

During the spring season, the rose gold is usually recommended because of its sleek nature and an elegant appearance. This is what most people look for in the hair colors. Thinking about hair coloring? Get that done now with best tips. Thus, a suitable choice will always make you proud.

4. Sun-Kissed Blonde

This type of hairstyle aids to achieve the required richness and depth on the lighter hair. Most people like to use the demi-permanent color as it creates more shines and causes less damage. It also creates the more shine and minimizes damage. The pops of brightness can be added with a touch of balayage just around the eyes.

5. Effortless Brown

It requires low-maintenance which can be achieved with the single process color. It is linked to the most affordable trends that people can easily embrace without incurring a lot of costs. You need to go for this trend to enjoy the benefits of the hair color.

6. Extra Platinum Blonde

It is the most preferred hair color trend 2017 by celebrities who keep on changing their trends frequently this year. This means that it has a superb appearance that celebrities will always want to use because the funs like the hair color.

7. Platinum Blonde

It is sported to be a gorgeous shade of the platinum blonde, which is cool and attractive. It is simple with a comfort design that attracts you to go for it.

8. New Natural Colors

This style has the two colors that keep your eye out as it will be deeper with the smoky brunette. It is the cooler blonde. However, owning this type of hair color means a lot to the trends in hair colors. This hair color is easily available.

9. Touch of Gray

You don’t have to go all the way to gray. You can have touches of the gray color from the alongside the black hair color. This creates an elegant nature of your hair color.

10. The New Gray

This tone can be achieved by pre-lightening which is meant to achieve this tone. This style requires frequently toning which is then followed by the strengthening treatment to keep the color more appealing and vibrant. It is thus a type of hair color which needs proper attention.

11. Metallic Manes

This is the metallic tone with a finish, which varies in tone. It creates a good appearance and an attractive nature to your eyes making it to the most admired hair colors. It blends with all the skin colors clearly. It is among the best hair colors.

12. Melting Colors

This style is among the most popular hair color trends 2017. It takes the idea of melting, which takes place with a bunch of different colors of the same spectrum and blends them. This then creates a unique outer structure for the hair to make it cool and smart.


The human hair has a clear definition of who you are. The hair plays a central role as far as women beauty is concerned. The hair will always define the beauty of a woman. You need to have the best hairstyles and the best hair colors to suit the trendiest nature of the current society. However, for this to happen women have to be empowered and enlightened to get more knowledge about this trends. Let’s embrace change in the trends of hair color and enjoy the benefit of being smart and classy.

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