Living Life As An Expat in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is generally the subject of daydreams. If you are working in your office you perhaps be gazing out at the rain wondering what it would be like to lay on a beach and enjoy the Canarian sun. Of course the real life scenarios are a lot different from the daydreams but what if you intend to move to Gran Canaria on a permanent basis?

Not All Fun and Sun

Firstly, do not anticipate life in Gran Canaria to be a long holiday as it is not like this at all. Basically you are going to be living at a warm place but you still have to work and do everything yourself.

You will have certain benefits. For instance, you know that most of the year is hot and sunny and this makes you plan several outdoor events without worrying that it will start raining suddenly or you start feeling cold.

Locals and Expats

Generally, locals are quite friendly to the expats, perhaps because there are so many of them out there. You will find a lot of Germans living in Maspalomas, some Scandinavians inhabit Arguineguin and the British seem to be very partial to Puerto Rico, even though Playa del Ingles does well too. This means that you will surely find English speaking people in the region but you may also need to learn Spanish.

Buying or Renting Properties Gran Canaria

You perhaps like to rent a place or you may prefer buying properties Gran Canaria. Renting a place generally involves the payment of a month’s rent as an initial deposit and then the rent on top. You will be getting your deposit back as you leave if there are no damages done and if you give a month’s prior notice.

A one bedroom apartment may vary from 500 Euros to 100 Euros, depending on how good it is. You can anticipate to pay 700 Euros and above for a two bedroom living. Buying properties Gran Canaria perhaps be a great idea if you are being able to afford 10 percent upfront payment and if you are planning a long term stay or perhaps considering retirement. Make sure you consult with an English-speaking attorney if you are considering buying as Spanish laws and regulations varies from English laws.

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