List Of Career Options For Biology Students

Choosing a career after 12th is quite difficult and very promising task that runs in every student’s mind. Parents too are in a dilemma as there are hundreds of options available for the class 12th science stream students. However without proper guidance and information, it becomes confusing for both the parents and students in selecting the suitable career option for a bright future.

Biology is the natural science concerned with the study of living organisms around us. It explains about life, its functions and physical makeup of our body. It is important to study biology as it is a common science that is used in our daily life and its main significance is to study the relationship between species and habitat. The field Biology includes a vast collection of potential careers.

According to the market trend, professionals with the science background are in high demand both in India and also in abroad. Apart from medical, there are other promising career options for Biology students.

Here is the list of top 10 career options for Biology students which will help them in selecting their best career for their bright future.


It is a well-established branch of biology involved in the study of plants, their structure, growth, etc. The plant scientist or Botanists are involved in conducting research, experiments, and observation to discover new species, the growth of plants, the ecology, their interactions with other organisms and environment. Career opportunities include working in landscape industries, environmental consultancies, natural resource centers, taxonomist, nursery manager, horticulturist, and environmental consultant.


An exciting branch of biology concerned with the study of animals and animal kingdom. It is also known as animal biology that mainly deals with the animals – their structure, habits, its life processes, their genetics, evolution, nomenclature, and classification along with the animal’s relations with other species.

Career opportunities in this field include animal breeder, wildlife biologist, and conservationist, zoo curator, etc.


Biochemistry is the application of chemicals, its reactions, and biomolecules which take place within the living system. Biochemistry is a combination of chemistry and biology. Biochemists are involved in discovering and developing the new medicines for several diseases, new chemical process to produce biofuel, improving the process of photosynthesis, crop protection and crop management by controlling of insects, pests, fungal pathogens, and weeds.

There are many career opportunities such as biomedical scientists in forensic labs and clinical labs, lab technicians, toxicologist, research and healthcare scientist, biomedical officers, teacher or professor, patient care advisor, medical coders, etc.


A scientific study of microorganisms including their life cycle, habitat, cell structure, and their relation with the humans, plants, animals, and other organisms in the biodiversity.

Microbiologists are mainly involved in an investigation of microorganisms, researchers, lecturers or professor in college, quality control, pharmaceuticals companies, lab technician, health sector, food, and agriculture industries, etc.

Environmental Science

A study about the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and different tools and techniques used to save our environment from the hazards, and other pollutants that cause harm to our environment. The environmental scientists also deal with the environmental issues such as ozone depletion, global warming, waste management, pollution, and the safety measures to control these issues.

Career opportunities with this degree include working in mining areas, sewage water plant, water filtration plant, pollution controlling plant, in forest department for conserving forest and animals, in industries for controlling pollution etc.


Genetics is an interesting field involved in the study of genes, their functions, traits, variations, heredity in living organisms, genetic disorders, mutations, etc. An aspirant who studies about genetics, heredity, variation of organisms and the science of genes is called as Geneticists.

A Geneticists can work as a clinical research associate, DNA analyst in medical hospitals, laboratories, in forensic labs, cytogeneticist, immunologist etc.


Physiology is the scientific study of functions and activities of living organisms along with their anatomy. It generally deals with the anatomy of a human body including cell, tissues, and organs followed by their functions. Apart from human physiology, there are other branches of physiology including plant physiology, cellular physiology, microbial physiology, animal physiology, etc.

A physiotherapist is the best career field with this degree. They can work as a physiotherapist and physiologist both in medical institutes and in other research centers.


Biotechnology is the use of biology and other life science with different techniques to modify products for specific human use. Biotechnology is used in a variety of industries including agricultural, chemical, and in pharmaceuticals. There are both graduation and diploma courses after 12th for biotechnology.

A biotechnologist can start their career in a research field, biotech industries, agricultural sectors for improving crop yields, sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, wine industries, etc.


It is the application of biology in the field of computer science and information technology. Students working in this sector are mainly involved in analyzing the biological data, developing new software’s using biological tools.

The career opportunities for this course include medical coding, medical transcription, professors, bioanalysis and also as clinical researchers.

Marine Biology

This is the study of marine organisms, aquatic animals, about their activities, life cycle and their interactions with the environment.The career opportunities include marine animal husbandry, aqua culturist, environmental consultant, marine scientist, etc.

I hope the above information will be helpful in choosing a career path according to your interest and abilities. There are various universities and affiliated colleges offering different courses suited for biology students. Before getting admission, make sure the selected course has a bright future.

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