Know The Benefits That Powertrain Protection Coverage Offers

All vehicles come from the factory with a guarantee that is offered by the manufacturer. These factory warranties range in coverage from three years to ten years and cover everything from powertrain to full coverage. Once the warranty provided by the manufacturer ends, your vehicle is no longer protected from expensive repairs. At this time you can choose to continue your coverage by extending the warranty with a vehicle service contract.

Besides the basic coverage, if your vehicle has a powertrain warranty then it is actually a protection against defects that may occur in the transmission, engine, and driveshaft. In simple words, this is a warranty on mechanisms of the vehicle’s driving force system, such as the transmission, engine, and other associated pieces such as the differential. This is the most basic coverage and is the longest portion of your factory warranty.

Powertrain warranties also frequently cover merely about anything included in fetching power to the wheels, comprising constant velocity joints and a vehicle’s driveshaft. It is vital to keep in mind that not the whole thing is covered by a powertrain protection. Certain parts are referred to as “wear substances,” which indicates that they will wear, so a guarantee would not make payment for their replacement. Instances include the clutch, battery, and certain fluids and drive belts.

Know The Benefits That Powertrain Protection Coverage Offers

Omega Auto Care offers powertrain protection coverage option for vehicles that have not more than 250,000 miles on their odometer and are current model year plus fifteen model years. The powertrain coverage includes transmission, transfer case, engine, drive axle, gaskets and seals and hybrid. In addition to this, powertrain plus coverage includes a/c and heating and electrical. Along with the powertrain coverage and powertrain plus coverage powertrain enhanced coverage includes a/c and heating, cooling system, electrical and fuel system. Hence, a powertrain warranty is aimed to cover exclusively the vehicle’s powertrain, which is usually a car’s major and most costly component.

When deciding where to purchase a vehicle service contract like powertrain protection, check everywhere in the internet and by visiting personally. Check out the insurance, the administrator, Better Business Bureau complaints, the price, and any customer service matters as well as the benefits that comes with the coverage options.

Extending the warranty of your vehicle with a service contract can provide financial stability because it prevents unexpected, and un-planned, expenditures. By paying for a service contract now, you can control your expenses in a better way. Omega Auto Care states that the best time to extend your warranty is to purchase it before it expires. Then you are not left without protection and you will also get the best pricing. The customers should keep in mind that more miles your vehicle has on it, the more costly the service contract price will be for a shorter period of protection.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that having powertrain protection coverage can definitely ease some of the financial worry that you would incur had you not purchased the warranty.

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