How To Keep Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Safe From Your Toddler

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the hottest smartphones for the last couple of years. Nowadays, smartphones are invaluable parenting resources, whether it’s providing new ways of educating and informing kids or sometimes entertaining them. As the most expensive and precious an object is, the more likely they’ll want to grab it. For kids, their parent’s mobile device is impartial game.

At any time of the day, they can ask for it to play games and watch videos. If you say ‘yes’, the risk of your smartphone being dropped or damaged can be increased. One accidental call made by your infant can destroy your entire contact list and the mysterious disappearance of important emails and documents. But, now there is no need to worry about. Because with the help of below mentioned preventive measures and tips, you can try to ensure that your expensive device doesn’t get damaged and your important contents stay away from your infants.

Here are some childproofing tips that help you to keep your smartphone safe and secure in the hands of your toddler.

Protective Screens and Covers: If you are worried about the exterior damage of your lavish device, there are number of ways to keep your gadget protected in the slippery fingers of your toddlers. The basic step is to prevent your smartphone from sudden drops and damage, you need to put the good quality Samsung S7 phone covers and cases on your gorgeous device.

Always use a screen protector, because this transparent layer can protect the sleek and delicate glass screen of your mobile phone from scratches and many other forms of damage.

Phone covers and cases are also commonly used to guard the surface and edges of your device. Different types of phone cases and covers are available in the market that are made from excellent quality rubber and silicone materials, while others are made from leather, metal, plastic and thermal polyurethane materials. Phone covers which are made of rubber and silicone types material not only protect your device from scuffs and scratches, but also protect your shiny Galaxy S7 smartphone from dropped into the hard floor surface and getting damaged.

If you are getting bored by using your old phone cover and don’t want to use regular plastic covers and cases anymore, visit Miniturtle store, you will find the latest Galaxy cases and covers that provide the both protect your phone and add to its beauty.

Set Up Kids Mode : Once the outer part of your smartphone is protected, now it’s time to take care of the operating element and safeguard the interior content of your mobile device. It’s very simple to keep your important files and other documents safe for your child, only by activating or installing the kid’s mode app on your cell phone.

Kid’s Mode is a playful launcher and restriction service that offers a protected and playful environment for your child. This app restricting your child’s access to the normal functions of your smartphones. For security, you can set up a PIN and alternate password to open your important documents and emails. You can also select that which apps and content, your child can easily access while the kid’s mode is enabled.

If you think that your child can access the normal mode, it’s not possible. Because it requires you to enter the PIN both while entering and exiting the feature. So, unless you enter the code, your child cannot access the normal mode.

Restricted Profiles : As the computers and laptops allow you to set up different user accounts for family members and guests, some of the Android Devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 offer the same option of creating a restricted profile. To create a restricted profile, all you have to do is go to the settings option, click on the devices and then users. Along with a guest profile, the device features an option to: Add user or profile.

Similarly, you can easily create a restricted profile for your child on your smartphone, but only by setting up a password. In this case, you can also choose some apps and other content that your child can access.

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