Is Investing In A Digital Board and Media Player For Your Restaurant Worth It?

With the advent of technology, every business sector is evolving and changing with time. There are different types of the method in which a business can be promoted, and h methods are growing over time. There are new modes of restaurant decoration as well, and this is possible due to the advancing technologies. These days many restaurants and cafes are opting for the digital menu board and the self-servicing counter which is not only helping in reducing the cost that a restaurant business incurred in maintaining the employees but also adding to the neat and hassle-free ambiance of the place. However, one may wonder about the homeliness that the older conventional hospitality system had and whether the new models are worth the hype that is there about them.

Is Investing In A Digital Board and Media Player For Your Restaurant Worth It?

Why digital menu board a craze among café and restaurant owners?

There are various types of digital menu boards and signage which a number of eateries and cafes are opting for these days. If you are into the restaurant business already and not very keen on the technical advancements, you may wonder about the fuss that is surrounding all of them. There are different types of hospitality rules which are getting altered with the changing times and often you may wonder whether the change is for good or not. Here we are going to give a comparative study of the various changes that are happening along with the digital and technological advancements with that of the conventional modes of hospitality management. It would also give you a fair insight into the advantages and disadvantages associated with both of them. Based on the benefits, you can actually decide what the best for your business is in particular.

Digital board and self help services

There are many restaurants which are opting for the digital media players which double as the digital menu board and opting for a self-service counter where the customers can come up, place their order and take their food once it is ready all by themselves. This way it is becoming a very interactive session between the restaurant owners and the customer, and hence it is much easier for them to freely decide the customizations they would like, understand the service well and then place the order. The digital board also serves as a media player and if there is any kind of entertainment program which is popular you can play it at your restaurant and hence your customers would be able to enjoy their favorite show while they dine in and this would give them a feeling of being at home as well.

The self-help service is beneficial since this way chances of confusing the orders would become minimum and people would not have any kind of dissatisfaction with the service. The board can display the menu of the day as well, and depending on that, the customers can decide whether they would like to order any specials that are available. The board can be synced with your website, and hence the site for the restaurant or the café can also be updated on the go. The benefits are very significant, and therefore a digital themed restaurant is a perfect option for the people who are looking for a more independent and hassle-free dining option.

Other side of this type of service

The major shortcoming is that there are still a number of people who are not comfortable with self-service and hence prefer an option where they are being served, and they do not have to leave their seats the entire time. Also, the digital menu board can malfunction at times, and in such situation, it is essential that the restaurant has a backup plan. The service should be coordinated well, and this is only possible when the staffs are very hospitable, and there is a proper understanding of the team and the customers who are coming to dine it. Lastly, a number of customers find the digital menu board challenging to read due to their myopic vision, and hence it is vital that the restaurant also has leaflets which can be circulated as per necessity.

The conventional restaurant

The traditional restaurant with the waiters and a menu card for each table has a class of its own which cannot be denied. The waiters entirely operate the service, and you can just relax and enjoy the ambiance and your dine-out plan without worrying about where to place your order and when to collect it. The overall service is very much luxurious, and hence you can have a complete comfort in the entire plan. The conventional restro or café is also a reminiscence of the past, and therefore it is something to be preserved however technical we are today.

Drawbacks of this kind of service

There are always chances of the order getting mixed up, and it is not a very good experience mainly if the waiters are not very cooperative about the issue. Also, the digital board and the self-service option is a very versatile one, which ensures that you can easily find the right kind of food according to your liking and ask for the same with modifications all by yourself. It is much more independent and homely. The formal ambiance is something which is not liked much by a lot of people- particularly the younger generation.


It can be concluded that while including the digital board is a good idea, and one must also keep the traditional services alongside to serve those who prefer this. This way you can ensure that your entire customers are equally rendered satisfied and are happy with the services they are getting from you.

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues. She recommends the digital media players but prefers to stick to the conventional designs and incorporate the new elements without altering the older ones which are already there.

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