Indulging In A Great Shopping Experience Only In The Bustling Markets Of Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most popular shopping destinations in India. While Shopping in Gujarat you can browse a large and extensive variety of things – Embroidered footwear, Wall hangings, Patola Silk sarees, Wooden furniture, Bandhanis and conventional Ghagra-Cholis, Curios, Embroidered, Marriage outfits, Cradle garments, Cloth toys and so on.

Once known basically for large factories and mills, Ahmedabad has today transformed into one of the most popular shopping destinations in India. For long, it has been a major centre of diamond cleaning, polishing gems, ceramics, weaved fabrics, stone carvings and printing on blocks. The city has yielded a grand harvest of workmanship displays, designer stores, little boutiques and product designing studios. Ahmedabad is distinctively known for it’s large and well-established material industry, giving it the sobriquet of ‘Manchester of the East’. The city is likewise known for it’s design styles of which the Indo-Saracenic style is one that generates lots of interest.

Indeed if you haven’t spent a good amount of time in shopping in the busy and colorful markets of Ahmedabad, you haven’t relished the city to fullest. If you are tempted enough by the lures of what a great shopping experience Ahmedabad is, that you have started making plans, it is also advisable that do the flight bookings well in advance. With frequent flights like Bangalore Ahmedabad flights, Mumbai Ahmedabad flights, Delhi Ahmedabad flights, etc. it is quite easy to access the city. However, trains still continue to remain the most popular modes to access the city.

The splendid and vivid examples of bandhani or bandhej fabrics have gotten to be typical of Gujarat. Today, they are more like the emblems of the state. These fabrics are created through a creatively colored procedure. Bandhani is a characteristic piece of Gujarati society – sarees called gharcholas and planetars are made for the brides of different Gujarati communities and groups, odhnis and chaniya-cholis for the Rajput group.

The place still uses the old traditions and techniques of printing on fabrics. In fact, this mind boggling specialty of printing fabrics utilizing cut wooden squares is still honed in different parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Pethapur in Gandhinagar, Jetpur in the middle of Rajkot and Junagadh, Dholka in Ahmedabad area, Ajrakhpur and different towns of Kutch locale, Bagru and Sanganer close Jaipur, Barmer region of Rajasthan, etc. are some of the major craft centres in the region where you can witness the major crafts and arts of the state.

Gujarat is known for its customary materials and an assortment of handwork. Being the city of Mahatma Gandhi, the Khadi possess large amounts of Ahmedabad. Ashram Road, Gujarat College Road, Kamdhenu Complex at Panjarapol Cross Roads, and CG Road are great spots to search for handicrafts and handloom. Around Gandhi Ashram you can locate a paper manufacturing plant and khadi shops.

Ahmedabad is also a fabulous spot to shop sarees . Apart from the sarees made by textile mills and industrial plants in the city as well as Surat, handloom woven sarees from around India, printed sarees from Jetpur, and furthermore sarees from West Bengal, Bihar, etc. can be found here.

Lastly but not the least, Gujarat’s artisans create fine wooden toys and ancient rarities. Other than the woodenware of Sankheda, this work is likewise done at Mahuva, Zura and Nirona that are close to Bhuj, and different other places. Idar is an imperative focus making wooden toys. Take some time out and visit the place to shop the authentic wooden toys.

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