Increase Building Security With Paxton Access

Many companies large and small these days use building security including controlling access with complex security systems. You can get this installed on a reasonable budget and it is easy for staff to use. This means that you can guarantee the safety of your staff and the supplies and equipment they use.

No matter the size of your building, having a controlled access system is important these days. These are simple to install, so you don’t need to worry about losing time to having them put in, or relocating while the work is done.

Paxton access control systems are ideal for any sized building as they can control who can come in and out, so that you can keep track of who is on the premises and make sure no unauthorised persons are let in. These systems use a numeric code, a keypad with a pin or they can be used with ID cards that your staff can swipe in. This depends on which reader you fit, which you can select according to your needs.

There are plenty of benefits if installing access control, with it first and foremost being very simple to use. You can also increase the system if you expand your properties or bring in new staff.

The installation takes very little time and it is very straight forward, and using this system means you are able to improve your security tenfold. These readers can also be programmed at each door to allow access to specific people so you can really control access to specific areas to only the designated personnel.

There are also compact systems which can be done for individual doors, rather than the whole building. These are very cost effective and easy to set up and you can choose to expand the system at a later date if you wish.

There is also the option for PC based controls which mean that you can have a networked access control system where multiple doors are linked in. This means that you can assign people’s individual ID cards access to different areas, also meaning you can bar certain users from certain doors.
This kind of PC based access control is very effective for flexible control as well as detail such as controlling access times. You can have everything managed from one computer, making administration easy. From there you can set permission levels and really harness your security system to get the most out of it.

Many buildings use access control from schools who want to ensure staff and pupils are safe, as well as industries such as food companies. Many buildings are now turning to this kind of access control rather than key based facilities as they give greater peace of mind when you are not on site.

These systems can work on all kinds of doors from revolving doors to your classic door, as well as gates and barriers. With your entrances and exits monitored you can ensure that only the authorised people are on your premises.

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