How To Write A Good Promotional Article To Increase Website Traffic

As webmasters day in China we will go to the official website to update some of the original article, but we will find such a situation, some articles were included after Baidu have a lot of clients to read but at the same time we will find a number of articles bounce rate is high, the actual effect of the article did not meet. How to write a good promotion of soft paper to increase website traffic? Here China online marketing agent will introduce you, I hope it helps you doing good seo on Chinese search engine.

First, the article title and content to be consistent

now the title can be attractive for many editors in China, are often used exaggerated and unrealistic approach, how exaggerated the more exaggerated, with no regard to the fact that some users are attracted title , but found no occasion, that the mood is quite low, thus affecting the bounce rate of your website, the user experience is not good, but is also detrimental to the Chinese search engine experience. Title of the article you want to do and at least one subject only, should pay attention to authenticity, not too pompous. Title and content to be consistent. A good title can accurately determine the target audience, and then transformed into soft paper by precise user action.

On the title you want to do professional, minimize the use of excessive repetitive punctuation, so that both user-friendly search and improve the cleanliness of the title. Users now have a common problem of laziness, and the title of humanity in favor of lifting the title is the extent of the search.

Second, the article content should focus on quality with the user’s quality is closely related to the needs of the article, many editors are standing on their own thinking in terms of Chinese users, rather than empathy, from the user’s perspective and summary to explore practical selling point of the user. If the introduction of related products starting from operational and functional explanation, innovative products do not always stay in the number of high-tech have much effect, the most important thing is to teach users how to use. To establish contact with the user, the user’s point do not find any sense of self Meng Meng Da, to combine real-time website background search terms to find points in line with the demands of users.

Third, the layout of the article needs verbose

content of the article written in the layout editor like many long-winded, describing a large section of a large section of text without any pictures to segmentation or isolation, the layout of the article cluttered, users often look directly off the page at a glance, and this is very beneficial to the user’s reading experience, writing articles is used to doing, posters, and not their possession slowly aftertaste.

So pay attention to the article layout is simple, with pictures plus text elaborated, and minimize the paragraphs discussed at great length, graphics combine to enhance the user experience, the layout is clear, give the user a pleasant reading experience. Read the article experience can improve the user viscosity, increase the conversion rate of other users to access the page.

Fourth, in the keyword layout should be reasonable

frequency content of the article word appears too, makes it easy for users to find, in the keyword layout should be reasonable, naturally leads to the use of scene modes keyword, like a normal conversation mode the introduction or description of the introduction, do not be too straightforward, to avoid keyword stuffing, for SEO promotion is also negative. Keywords can be used in addition to the layout to reflect the content of the article, you can also make use of the image alt description, the article title to add key words, so do not deliberately insert keywords in the article, should pay attention to the appropriate scene type and fluent keyword layout.

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