How To Manage Diversity At A Diverse Workplace

In globalization imposes new ways of managing human resources that sooner or later companies must take to achieve a competitive advantage. Innovation, adaptation to change, quality to the customer the benefit of the diversity of human resources, does not mean that companies should hire anyone because otherwise they can be labeled as discriminatory.

How can organizations change their perspectives on diversity in a way that effectively combat these gaps? The Recent  studies outline the factors currently promoting gender diversity with the aim of helping organizations understand what most encourages inclusion and thus focus their efforts on this. The data shows that organizations have comprehensive and holistic approaches to support female talent, have comparable talent flows more men and women than those who do not. Additionally, studies found that formal responsibility has little relevance in increasing gender diversity when moving away from a real commitment from leaders.  In organizations where the latter is active and are committed to diversity programs, more women they are present in leadership roles throughout the organization and more equal in talent flows between men and women.

Geared to diversity in the workplace is an essential step in building a great culture; particularly gender diversity is an important issue that organizations should look today, considering that there is significant progress to achieve, before most workplaces, a true gender equality.

The concept of diversity in human resources it means that the quality is diversity and not on homogeneity. The best way to ensure diversity is to hire people to fill all the posts of the company by capacity. The better trained / a technical and behaviourally not always have the same profile. If you hire the best people to do a task, or by capacity, diversity is, implicitly,  if you hire people just for the profile performance without giving priority to the course that will be a very homogeneous template (all age certain kinds of x and x features) but the performance will leave much to be desired. Meritocracy guarantees diversity and diversity of staff is an indication that the enterprise has chosen the most capable to perform the task.


Diversity is important to achieve the processes of innovative products and services, visions, ideas, and ways of doing various required. The diversity of people with different interests, ways of seeing life and experiences and a management that encourages the development is to ensure that innovative proposals may arise for the benefit of the business. From this simple concept corporate entrepreneur arises, that collaborator who does his energy as if it were the workplace, their own business.

Diversity of clients = diverse employees

Globalization and new technologies that bring customers to the company have made the business grow like never before. And this is thanks to the diversity of customers, the purchasing power of different groups such as women, adolescents, gays, over 60. Any successful company has a diverse customer portfolio for which develops detailed marketing strategies to attract and retain. In this case, it is crucial to have a diverse workforce of employees so they can contribute to innovative ideas and think processes as customers think of different social or collective extraction.


Encourage managers to assume a leadership role in the acceptance of diversity in the workplace.  Establish a continuing education program for executives. Be sure to address issues of diversity are specific to your company struggle with day to day. Make the events as pleasant as possible to encourage participation.

Offer bonuses and incentives to encourage diversity in the workplace. Let both management and staff know their goals of diversity initiatives. Provide resources to creatively integrate employees from different backgrounds. Develop a mentoring program that pairs employees with white non-whites. The agreements should be based on mentoring skills. Do your employees know each of them personally and help expand their capacity.

The creation of a committee involving all levels of staff encourage employees who are dedicated to diversity in the workplace to take a leadership role in promoting tolerance throughout the enterprise. Establish programs in which employees are to help people from different backgrounds to learn about the problems facing the first person to volunteer. Provides recognition to those involved, introduce your staff to different cultures to promote tolerance in the workplace. Show painted by artists of nonwhites in the lobby. Offer free lectures on the history and lifestyle of different cultures.

Honor the Talent

Another key factor of gender diversity is active talent management creates more favorable than those achieved by traditional diversity programs, results that are launched to support the needs of women. Organizations that actively manage equity compensation versus the appropriation of commitments, ensure access alike to profit and loss responsibility, and proactively support flexible work arrangements; this also promotes gender equity much greater than that of traditional companies with diversity programs speed. Atypical solutions and innovative programs impact the ability of organizations long term to retain female talent

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