Top 7 Best Exercise To Reduce Double Chin

Double chin is formed out of sagging fatty tissues under the skin. It is mostly common in overweight people. People with advanced age also experience this unfavorable condition since their skin sag after losing elasticity. When taking photos, people with double chin use high-neck scarves to hide it. In rare cases, a double chin may be genetic. Lifestyle aspects such as smoking and poor diet make the process of skin loosing elasticity intense. Getting rid of this condition calls for toning of face muscles and giving the muscle along the jaw an appropriate workout. The question on how to get rid of double chin gets answered with the following simple ways.

1. Tongue Press

This involves holding shoulders down and sitting upright, then tilting your head so as the face points at the roof. You then gently press your tongue on the roof of the mouth while it’s flat. Keep your tongue tightly tucked on the roof of your mouth while you lower your chin towards the chest, without moving your head. Your chin and the front part of your neck will contract. Thereafter relax your tongue and straighten your neck to the original position. In rounds of 20, do this for two times.

2. Pout and Tilt

While standing or sitting, put out you lower lip to the furthest point such that it forms a pout. Using your finger, feel whether wrinkles and pucks have formed on your skin. For a few seconds, hold this contraction. While you lip still sticks out, lower your chin close to the chest such that neck muscles contract. Hold onto this position for a few more seconds and then take your lip to the original position while relaxing the neck. Repeat this for two times with each having 20 rounds.

3. The “O” Shape

Make your face point onto the ceiling while sitting or standing. Tuck your lips together while they are relaxed. While the lips remain closed, open your mouth such that it forms an ‘O’ shape. Hold on to this position for about half a minute. If the area along the jaw line contracts, then you are doing the right thing. Put your mouth to the original point and repeat this for 40 times.

4. Ceiling Kiss

While your arms hang side by side, stand tall. Tilt your head such that you face the ceiling. Act as if you are kissing the ceiling by making lips extend to the maximum. If you feel your neck tight, then you are doing the right thing. Hold onto this position for about seven seconds. Then lower your lips and head to the original position. Repeat this 30 times.

5. Rotating the Chin

While sitting or standing, straighten your spine to achieve a straightened back. Starting with your chin, tilt your head in a complete 360 degrees through the shoulder to the back to the shoulder and finally to the chest. For excessively obese people, they should try out semicircles through the same routes. During this whole exercise, shoulder should remain down. Repeat this ten times with interchanging directions.

6. Side Neck Stretch

While sitting down, put one hand on the floor about 15 centimeters from the hip. Do not lean entirely on the hand. Run up your other hand such that it rest on the opposite ear. While aligning your head to the neck, bend it towards the shoulder. Wrap the hand on the floor to the other hand on our other hand. Apply some pressure on your shoulder thus pushing it away from the head. Hold onto this position for about ten seconds. Release you hands to the original position and repeat this three more times.

7. Jaw Release

While either standing or sitting, elongate your spine such that your back gets straightened. Move your jaws as if you are chewing while keeping lips close. Take a deep breath and then breath out slowly while humming. After exhaling, open your mouth wide and tuck your tongue to the bottom of your teeth. While in this position, breathe in and out gently. This would call for you making “aahh” sounds. This whole process should take about one and a half minutes. Repeat this twice.


Instead of trying to hide a double chin, you should strive to reduce it. There have been fears on how to get rid of double chin, but the above simple steps will give you results if you consistently engage then. Reduction of collagen level that reduces skin elasticity should not spell doom to your good looks. These exercises strengthen muscles along the jaws thereby reducing your double chin.

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