How To Beautifully Incorporate Roses Into Your Yard

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in both gardens and florist shops because of their timeless beauty and pleasing fragrance. If you’re working on your home’s landscaping, adding a few roses is an economical way to bring luxury to your outdoor space. Whether you’re working with a sprawling lawn or a tiny patio, here are five ways to beautifully incorporate roses into your yard.

Try a Rose of a Different Color

Roses are red and also blue, purple, orange, striped and more. Shake up your landscape with a variety of colorful roses in all the shades of the rainbow. If you’re bored of red and pink, try a delicate peach tea rose or bold purple rosebushes interspersed with fragrant lavender.

Create a Romantic Arch

If you think roses only grow on bushes, think again. Climbing roses can take your yard to new heights with their large blossoms and eagerness to train over any surface. Pick up a metal arch wherever landscape supplies are sold and let these beauties take over for a romantic getaway right in your own backyard. A rose-covered arch is perfect for weddings, photo sessions or just daydreaming on a spring day.

Hedge With Rosebushes

Are you tired of your boring evergreen hedges? Bring your yard to life by replacing them with vibrant rosebushes. Choose large bushes with large, heavy foliage for hedging and keep them pruned into an attractive shape. The ballerina rosebush makes a beautiful hedge and also attracts butterflies. If you do get a hedge, be aware that you will want to trim the hedge regularly to prevent overgrowth. Luckily, trimming can be fun and easy with the right clippers.

Use Pots or Beds for Small Spaces

Is your yard too cramped for a rose garden? You don’t have to go without the beauty of roses. Plant small rosebushes in pot, fill a flowerbed with groundcover roses or start a hanging basket with climbing roses. Potted roses are also a great option for renters because you can take your flowers with you when you move.

Go Wild

Who says roses have to be domesticated? Wild roses offer a unique beauty, are hardier than their human-created cousins and attract a variety of desirable wildlife like honeybees and butterflies. The wild rose also produces fruity rosehips, which are an excellent source of vitamin C and can be used for making tea or jam.

When planting roses in your yard, don’t forget to exercise caution around their sharp thorns. Remove thorns from any roses you cut and bring indoors. Consider choosing varieties without thorns if you have small children or pets that play in the yard.

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