Top 15 Hair Care Tips For Night To Wake Up With Better Hair

All of us go to bed praying that we will not have a bad hair day the next day. While praying may seem like a good idea, you will be happier to know that there is something more that you can do at night to ensure that you will have beautiful looking hair in the morning.

Want to wake up with long, gorgeous and perfect looking hair in the morning? Well, we have just the tips that you need. Below are some of the hair care at night tips that you should know about:

1. Get Rid Of Dry Hair With An Overnight Oil Treatment

Does your hair tend to get a bit dry? Or maybe your hair has been damaged because of all the harmful chemicals and heat styling that it has been exposed to? Well, there is one solution to that—oil treatment. The best hair care at night tip for dry air is to massage scalp and hair strands with oil then cover it with a shower cap and let it soak overnight.

2. Avoid Static By Ditching Your Cotton Sheets

The best way to avoid too much hair static is to sleep with satin pillowcases and sheets. In addition to minimizing static, using satin sheets can also reduce hair breakage.

3. Boost Hair Volume By Applying Dry Shampoo

If you wish to avoid limp locks in the morning, it is recommended that you apply dry shampoo on hair then twist it into a high bun before you go to sleep. The overnight application of dry shampoo will allow the product to work into the scalp and the bun will provide you the volume that you need.

4. Achieve Mermaid Style Hair By Braid Your Hair At Night

If you are in a hurry, but you want to have a wavy hair in the morning, it is best that you braid your hair while it is still wet the night before. If you want to have tight curls, then tighten up the braid.

5. Change The Color Of Your Hair Overnight Using Tea

For darker hair in the morning, brew a strong chamomile tea with a cinnamon stick the night before. Let it cool and pour it into a spray bottle. Add 1 tsp of olive oil and 3 tbsp of lemon juice. Spray mixture into hair and allow it to soak overnight.

6. Enjoy Tangle-Free Hair By Brushing At Night

Before you go to sleep, use a wide tooth comb or a brush with natural bristles in brushing your hair from roots to tips for several minutes. After that, tie it up in a loose bun to prevent the hair from tangling.

7. Keep Scalp Oil-Free With The Use Of Lavender Hair Mist

Create a hair mist by mixing 5-8 drops of lavender oil in 1 liter of water. Spray it on your hair and let it soak overnight to promote hair growth and decrease oil production in the scalp.

8. Have Frizz-Free Soft Curls By Wrapping Your Hair With a Scarf

If you have curly hair, leave your hair wet then twist it into place. After that, wrap a scarf around your hair to protect it from unwanted frizz.

9. Get Silky Smooth Hair Using Argan Oil

Make damaged and dry hair silky smooth by applying argan oil treatment the night before. The next day, you will be amazed at how manageable your hair can be.

10. Achieve Straight Hair By Wrapping It

If you want to wake up with straight hair, wrap your hair on one side and secure it with bobby pins, then cover it with a silk scarf and be ready to be amazed in the morning.

11. Achieve Vintage Style Curls With Rollers

Put your hair up in rollers the night before while they are still semi-dry and you will wake up with the perfect curls. Make them last longer by applying mousse in the morning.

12. Tame Wild Bangs By Not Washing Them At Night

Instead of washing your bangs, just simply rinse then semi-dry them at night. Secure them with bobby pins afterward.

13. Revive Damaged Hair With Coconut Oil

Apply a coconut oil overnight hair mask from roots to ends and pull it into a top knot. Wash it twice in the morning, and you get rejuvenated hair!

14. Achieve The Perfect Curls With The Use Of Toilet Paper

Protect your curls from possible frizz and tangles by covering them up with strips of toilet paper.

15. Get Rid Of Split Ends With An Overnight Hair Repair Treatment

To get moisturized and sleek hair ends, try soaking your hair in a repair treatment overnight then wash it in the morning.

With these hair care tips, you can kiss bad hair days goodbye!

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