Why Golf May Be The Sport For You

From being able to play the sport they love in front of millions of people to raking in the profit from sponsorships and tournament winnings, we often fantasize about the extravagant lifestyle that some of the world’s top golfers enjoy. The great thing about golf is that you don’t need to be Tiger Woods to take part in it and enjoy the game.

As long as you’re fine with buying, renting, or borrowing the necessary equipment and traveling to a golf course, you’re all set. Golf can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your skills or talents. You can play it alone, or with your best friends. You can even meet new friends along the way.

Indulge While You Play

Unlike most other sports where you’re either constantly running around your teammates or having both your hands glued to the steering wheel, golf is a lot more relaxed. You can play it in your own time (just don’t hold other people up!) This means you can easily eat and drink while you’re playing.

A friend driving you to the next area in the golf cart? Open up that dinner from last night and have a bite while you take in the view. Your opponent just downed the biggest shot of the day? Take a sip from your flask to drown your frustration. Nobody is stopping you from enjoying a bit of food and beverages, provided you don’t make a mess. Keep it classy.

Anyone Can Play

Almost every good club has a senior and/or junior section. Some golfers still play when their companions are sitting in the elderly home, while others, such as Tiger Woods, start when they’ve just learned to walk. There’s no age limit. Do you have a disability of some kind? Don’t worry, you can still play.

There’s a handicap system that allows golfers of different ability levels to compete on a level playing field. Got two left feet or one left hand? No worries, golf accommodates for that and provides a variety of golf clubs for lefties, as atthetee.com points out.


At this point, you may be thinking, “If golf is so relaxing and laid back, won’t I just become lazy and unfit?” If so, you’re sorely mistaken. Golf is a very active sport, just look at the best golfers in the world. They’re extremely fit and strong individuals. This isn’t only because they train outside of golf, though. The sport itself does a pretty good job at keeping you fit.

You do a lot of walking and sometimes, depending on the situation, running. Up and down steep hills, around trees and over sand. Don’t forget that powerful arm workout every time you swing a long shot.


There are a million other reasons why you should play. The list is simply too long to contain in one article. In a nutshell, golf is for everyone and anyone who wants to socialize, become fit, have a hobby, or simply have a good time. It’s as simple as that. Just don’t look at the prices of high-end golf clubs yet.

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