Getting Ready For Your Next Bucks, Stag or Bachelor Party

The big day is just around the corner and here you are right now wondering what kind of adult entertainment talent you should hire. Maybe you’d like both, but the most important thing to consider is that you cannot go wrong with either. Whether you go with nude waitresses or hot, gorgeous strippers for your event, you and your guests are guaranteed a fun time!

Hire Sydney Topless Waitresses

If you’re considering having a decent event, a decent party but with some sugar on top then the right choice for you is definitely a couple of Sydney lingerie waitresses. On the other hand, if you want to take the heat up a bit – go with topless, or even nude waitresses. The main point is that these sexy models’ role is being waitresses.

They’ll arrive at your location, be it in Sydney or any other part of Australia, and show you what it means to have a good time.

These girls will serve ice cold beverages to you and your guests while chatting, flirting and amusing the guests throughout the whole event. It’s the perfect party style if you don’t want things going too far.

Hire Sydney Strippers

Even though Sydney waitresses are going to cheer up your guests, strippers function on a whole another level of something you’d call a party!

Browse our website and check out the sexy strippers we’ve got waiting for your call. These girls will also get to your location at the right time, and the difference is of course – thrilling, hot stripper shows that will leave your guests gasping for air! These aren’t girls you seen in amateur strip bars, no. Platinum Lace strippers pride themselves on the skills they’ve acquired over the time spent training to be a highly professional pleasure dealers!

Have a look and take your pick. The decision falls on you. But remember that you can choose whether to go with topless waitresses or professional strippers. Or just go with both – that’s also an interesting option for any party.

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