Food Processing & Technology Engineering: A Non-conventional Degree Course

Students who are interested in pursuing a non-conventional degree course in engineering can opt for Food Processing and Technology. This branch of engineering offers a B.E or a B. Tech degree course and the duration is for 4 years. As the name suggests, Food processing and Technology is all about food processing, production, preservation, packaging and the use of engineering methods and technology. So, this branch includes a number of stages straight from production to transportation and also has Research and Development area, which covers subjects such as- processed edible items, the chemistry of food, nutrition science etc.

About the degree course

The course includes subjects like biology, technology, food science, nutrition and chemistry. In the first two semesters, the common set of engineering subjects are taught and from the third semester onwards, the syllabus focuses more on food processing and technology. Project works are a part of the final two semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

Similar to the other B. Tech or B. E courses, in case of Food processing and Technology degree course too, the candidate needs to pass class 12 with chemistry, mathematics and physics as the core subjects. The student also needs to appear for State, University or National level entrance examinations in order to get admission in this course.

After completing B. Tech or B.E in Food Processing and Technology

If you want to pursue higher studies after B. Tech or B.E; then you can opt for M.E. or M.Tech program. You can also go for an M. Sc. degree and specialize in fields like food packaging, dairy technology, food storage engineering and food transportation. Another option that is available for the students after completing B.E or B. Tech is to go for management studies like BMS and MBA.

Candidates, who want to get into government or private sectors for job opportunities, should prepare themselves well starting from the 7th semester onwards. The Department of Food and Public Distribution, Food Corporation of India are some of the government sectors where these engineers are recruited. They can either be absorbed as Quality Assurance Officers or Food Inspector etc. in these government sectors. Certain state sponsored Food processing plants also recruit these B.E or B. Tech graduates.

The opportunities in private sectors are much more as there are many private processing plants, food production firms, storage and preservation firms etc. who recruit these graduates every year. In addition, the firms that manufacture Food Processing machinery and equipment also recruit such engineering graduates. Apart from job opportunities in India, there are huge demands for these engineers overseas as well. With years of experience, skill and knowledge an engineer in Food processing and Technology can get lucrative salary and perks too.

Colleges that offer B. Tech or B.E. course in Food Processing and Technology

Since this is a relatively a new branch of engineering compared to other conventional disciplines, the number of colleges that offer this branch of discipline as a degree program are way lesser. There is a handful of engineering colleges in India that currently offer this course, but the number is expected to grow as the demand for these engineers is increasing.

You can check the websites of the top 10 engineering colleges in Telangana or in other states of India to find out which colleges offer B. Tech or B.E. course in Food Processing and Technology. Remember that in order to get admissions into any of these premier engineering colleges, you will have to prove yourself by securing a good rank in the engineering entrance examinations that are conducted at State, National or University Level. So, start preparing yourself from class 11 onwards so that you can reach your goal easily.

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