Everything You Should Know About CO2 Skin Surfacing Laser Technology

Medical science has made excellent progress in almost all fields. One such field includes cosmetic procedures. With the growing popularity of this department, they have come up with many options that can help people get rid of issues related to their body and skin. CO2 skin surfacing laser technique also takes pride in being one of such options.

CO2 Skin Surfacing Laser Technology

When your skin starts aging, gets more exposed to the pollutants in the environment, etc, it starts forming a coating on your facial skin, which hides the healthy cells beneath. Even though you can find many creams and lotions and soaps that can work their charm successfully, every procedure is just like a temporary relief.

CO2 Skin Surfacing Laser Technology, as the name says is a type of procedure wherein the original skin layer with healthy cells will be brought to light, by removing the dead skin coating from your face. This procedure makes use of the laser technique for addressing other facial epidermal issues such as superficial lesions, scars, actinic chelitis, skin tags, warts, keratoses, etc.

How does it Work

When laser penetrates into the skin layer, it starts making narrow columns through the way. The natural healing procedure of the skin layers will be automatically triggered resulting with the formation of new cells to cover up these columns. The more the laser makes columns, the more healing procedures will be triggered resulting with complete removal of the unhealthy cells.

Even though this is a laser (single beam) included technique, medical institutions use the scattered laser beams to enhance the effect of the procedure as early as possible. The other reason for using scattered beams is to reduce the excess exposure of the skin layers to the direct heat rays, which are emitted from single beam of light.


There are many benefits of CO2 Skin Surfacing Laser Treatment and are listed below.

  • Unlike other techniques, this procedure guarantees with early recovery, improvement that is long-lasting, reduced discomfort, etc.
  • The main work of this procedure is to trigger the natural healing technique of the skin layer that surrounds your neck, face, hands, chest, etc, and the other body parts. With the introduction of laser beams into your skin layer, you can enjoy long lasting effects starting from several months to several years.
  • The extended benefits from this process have made them quite useful during some cosmetic procedures such as neck lift and facelift.
  • If you are suffering from scars, acne and fine lines and other such issues, then this procedure is the best solution. It has also become the most opted technique in reducing the damage on the skin layer from sun rays.
  • With the constant production of collagen fibers, epidermal layer becomes soft and firmer making your skin look young and even toned.
  • Most of the times, this technique will be made use of in treating the lesions that are formed on the skin layer of the patients, at pre-cancerous stage.

During the recovery from this procedure, your skin might show redness in the areas that underwent through the procedure. However, with the help of exclusive set of CO2 laser skin resurfacing recovery creams and medications you can enjoy excellent results and early revival.

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