Environmental Management System Certification In Queensland

Unlicensed waste management operators in Queensland were taken to task in January, in a crackdown launched by the government last August.

A special Waste Industry Compliance Investigation Taskforce has so far taken 54 enforcement actions against 46 unlicensed operators, with fines totally nearly $129,000 issued.

The taskforce was formed not only to catch those breaking the law, and potentially damaging the environment, but also to level the playing field with those operators doing the right thing.

Putting Community at Risk

A spokesman said that by avoiding licensing and other regulations, rogue operators were making it hard for responsible operators to compete, and putting the community at risk.

This is just one way in which government is working to lessen the impact of industry on the environment, and all businesses can play their part. One way in which they can do this is by seeking Environmental Management System certification in Queensland.

And it’s not just the environment that benefits, as an increasing number of organisations are discovering. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems training and certification is well worth the investment for any sized business.

Boost Your Reputation

Providing a clear framework for sound environmental policies and practices, an ISO 14001 EMS will also save an organisation money, and boost its reputation in the marketplace.

So how does it work? The process starts with identifying how an organisation impacts the environment. In some cases, like mining and construction, these are quite obvious. But even office buildings impact on our environment, through waste creation, power and water usage, and transport.

An organisation needs to approach environmental management system certification in Queensland with complete openness and honesty. It needs to identify the areas of impact and highlight all risks. Only then can it put the correct procedures in place to minimise those risks.

Environmental Management System Certification In Queensland

Sound Environmental Management

By taking this approach, an organisation can prove its commitment to sound environmental management, and better comply with regulations. And avoiding a risk is far easier than dealing with the consequences of an incident.

Most organisations also find they save money, through reducing their use of resources, reducing waste, and finding greener ways of generating energy.

An important thing to remember about ISO 14001 environmental management systems and training is that it has been formulated by global environmental experts. Therefore using this framework is highly recommended for Australian businesses that export.

In addition, as with all ISOs, it is regularly reviewed to keep it relevant, with the last review in 2015.

Government Funding

There are many benefits and the Australian government encourages businesses to take up ISO 14001. It lists some of the benefits as being able to access government assistance and funding, and receiving recognition through environmental awards.

The Australian government believes there is a great future in becoming a ‘green’ business, with many new market opportunities for green goods and services. It is also well supported because it is also helping to improve Australian workplace safety, by reducing the use of industrial chemicals.

The link between environmental and economic performance has long been debated. In the days before strict environmental legislation, the naysayers said making environment improvements added to their costs, thus reducing profit.

Efficient Use of Resources

However, the ISO has plenty of proof to the contrary, showing that an effective environmental management plan reduces costs and increases profit. It does this through encouraging more efficient use of resources, and helping to reduce waste.

ISO 14001 environmental management systems training is a key part of this, as it ensures your entire workforce is working towards the same goal. It also empowers employees to make a difference, and be proud of the company for which they work.

Through your employees’ positive recommendations, and the power of ISO 14001 certification, your business will experience growth, as new customers choose you over other businesses.

Strong Marketing Tool

Those businesses that have already achieved Environmental Management System certification in Queensland are enjoying those many benefits now, and are establishing themselves as the go-to supplier of that particular product or service.

Seeing it as a very strong marketing tool, they are proud to display the ISO 14001 badge of approval on their packaging and advertising materials.

Take the First Step

The thing is, this tool is available to all businesses who take those first steps to implement an ISO 14001 EMS. And the first steps are easy. It’s just a case of talking to ISO consultants in your region, and drawing up an outline of your Environmental Management System.

Your EMS needs to be tailor-made to efficiently deal with your organisation’s individual needs and targets. It is affected by many different factors, including industry, location, number of employees, customer base and more.

Off-the-shelf EMS packages are offered on line, but it’s advisable to give them a wide berth. If you don’t see the words, ‘developed to suit each company’, it’s not the provider for you!

Choose a consultant with wide experience across major industries, and a sound knowledge of ISO procedures, and you’re on your way to becoming a greener business.

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