Electric Winch 12v and 24v- One Of The Powerful Lifting Gear Products

Lifting industry is a hub of a large variety of the lifting gear products each having a specific use as per their inbuilt specifications. An electric winch is a useful lifting device that can conveniently wind in or wind out a cable, wire or rope.

The tremendous strength of the winch can allow its stretching and pulling the vehicle frame to disfigure it at the end. A 12v electric winch is a kind of horizontal drum connected to an electric motor with a metal cable or chain wrapped around it.

As the motor turns, the drum will rotate likewise and allows the cable or chain to be extended or retracted. Powered by the vehicle’s battery, it is essential to run the vehicle engine thereby running the motor to extend or retract the chain. A 24v electric winch also follows the same process but uses a 24v motor.

Major Accessories of 24v and 12v Electric Winch

This article showers some light on some common accessories of the winches to let people be aware of its correct use-

Winch mount

Multiple mount types used with the winches give effective results in different application areas. Universal mounts allow mounting for any flat surface, while bumper mounts provide winch accommodation and off-road protection.

An ideal mount is one that gives easy drum access, but too much mounting must be avoided as it may result in the loss of performance.

Pulley block

A pulley block is used with the winch to execute a double-line straight pull to enable double power to the winch. It seamlessly increases the winch effectiveness by boosting the pulling power.

Synthetic rope

A synthetic wire rope is a strong and effective medium to improve the winch performance as it cannot be damaged by excessive heat. This wire rope is easy to splice and tie knots.

Another important winch type called hydraulic winches is powered by power steering pump of a vehicle and requires a rigorous installation than the 12v electric winch. It simply allows connection to the battery with a global mount kit.

Wrapping Up

While working with lifting gear products, it is always suggested to remain free from any obstruction. In both electric winch 12v or 24v, the cable is kept unwound from the drum across a secure anchor point. With this, the vehicle will allow smooth running of the drum.

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