How To Eat Normally During The Holidays

Celebrations are mostly related to food

The hosts try to make the table as luxurious and as diverse as possible – and of course everything is abundant, because if it does not stay, food simply was not enough. On the other hand, guests do not want to offend their hosts, so they try everything on the menu. From the aspect of nutrition, meals that are too numerous are consumed more than needed. The halal certification company will advise you on how not to overeat during the holidays.

Full or hungry

We should try to keep our eating habits as regular as possible during this period of the year. So, if we visit our relatives later in the afternoon, we should definitely eat at least two meals – breakfast and lunch. The traditional holiday table is rich in meat (or fish), rolls, salted cakes, salad based on rice and pasta, sweets. That’s why at home you should put emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables (because it is very unlikely that you will eat these foods for dinner). If you go to a gala dinner at lunch at home choose a salad, or a meal of salad, while a breakfast could be based on fruit, for example, a combination of cereals and fruits with yoghurt or kefir.

Little bit of everything

Choose one dish or take one plate and put a few dishes into it in a small amount (a spoonful of salad, a bowl of beans, half a piece of roll) and, of course, do not refill the plate. You do not have to try everything, feel free to tell the host that everything looks beautiful, but you will eat what you love most. Perhaps it’s best to decide that you will not eat more than one plate of food, to define the size of the portion in advance and to keep up with it.

If you eat too much

One rule that you should adhere to is to finish dinner 2 hours before going to bed. Perhaps it’s a good idea to walk after such a rich dinner. And give up sweets. And if you want to drink coffee at the end, why not, just replace the sugar with a low-calorie sweetener.

In the morning, have a very low blood sugar level and it’s important not to skip breakfast. Research has shown that people who have regular meals, early breakfasts and early dinners, on average have much less pounds than people who eat the same meals.


– Be moderate

– Enjoy the food, but do not forget the rules of healthy eating

– Always keep in mind that on average, it takes much less time (and effort) to add a few pounds than to lose them, so make sure that this year during your holiday your scales will not show more than 1-2kg in relation to your standard pre-holiday weight.

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