Criminal Investigation With A Difference!

People who want to make a positive difference to society by eradicate all forms of crimes usually find a career in the field of criminal justice appealing. However, this profession requires potential candidates to undergo and successfully complete a number of college-level classroom lessons in order to attain the necessary skills that these entrants need for this occupation.  Apart from this, the applicants have further take part and complete a number of rigorous and intensive training programs at various law enforcement or police academies in order to hone and enhance their mental and physical abilities.

Criminal Justice

Adam Quirk is a prominent criminal justice professional from Northeast Wisconsin, United States. He has a master degree in criminal justice from Boston University and over fifteen years of experience in the fields of regulatory compliance, security management and background checks of potential suspects besides investigating numerous heinous and violent crimes. In his illustrious career, he was a special investigator with the U.S. Investigations Services, Inc. (USIS) and a Diversion Investigator with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) He is currently working as a Special Investigative Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

According to this reputed criminal justice professional an individuals who are consider a career in law enforcement especially as a criminal justice professional need to certain unique qualities, which are as follows:

  1. Ability to handle stressful situations

The law enforcement professional needs to able to handle stressful situations involving different people This could include violent criminals, drunken individuals, emergencies where the victim may need instant and immediate rescue along with a variety of people. In this profession, a criminal justice professional not only deal with the potential danger to his/her own life but with the inherent knowledge that there is possibility of horrible things that can happen to ordinary citizens.

  1. Physical Fitness

Law enforcement is a physically demanding career that requires candidates to run, jump, climb and perform a number of physical activities to apprehend and prevent criminal for escaping custody.

  1. Computer Skills and technical knowledge

A criminal justice professional needs have proficient skills in computers and other electronic devices as such an expert may be have to check a person’s criminal record, match evidence with a potential suspect and restore to audio or digital records. In certain cases, such a professional may even have to research about suspect’s financial holdings and transactions.

  1. Quick Thinking and Analytical abilities

The ability to think quickly and analytically is an essential quality of a criminal justice professional because he/she may have to react instantly to accidents, dangerous substance and other threats that may arise in course of performing his/her duties. In a court testimony, such a professional may have to display unique analytical skills to prevent a criminal from evading justice and going free.

Adam Quirk also emphasizes that a criminal justice professional needs to have an ethically sound view of the role he/she has to play in society. As such an expert  has considerable power bestowed upon him/her by society, he/she needs to appreciate the appropriate use of such power to create a positive difference to society!

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