Corporate Employee’s Fitness Programs: Why Is It Important

In a world where the average population crave for better health, you can’t be the one ignoring a regular workout for the sake of health. A regular workout is a must to stay fit and healthy, after all the arguments that has been put forward untill now about the importance of good health.

Staying fit not only strengthen your immune system but also slows aging. Don’t turn your back on your health lest the risk of oncoming mental problems.

Customize your workout, if regular doesn’t suits

If you’re not very cool with usual workouts, customize it according to your needs. A 10 minutes of running and few pushups a day can create wonders, or else there is yoga, meditation and aerobics which are equally impactful.

Sometimes, time becomes the evil, restricting us from following our regular workout schedule. The regular to & fro life, home to office and office to work make it difficult to take out time for health.

Those doing field jobs inevitably manage to keep themselves fit because they are probably on their feets every time, yet things health gets difficult to manage for those who do office work, sitting on a chair for the entire work hours.

Why having a workplace wellness programs in organization is important?

According to data by U.S. Census Bureau,

“In the year 2010, United States had about 56.7 million people, out of which 19 percent of the population had a disability or they weren’t physically fit.

The number of people with a disability in the report published in 2005 increased by 2.2 million over the period. This report shows that 41 percent of those age 21 to 64 with any disability were employed, compared with 79 percent of those with no disability.”

Incorporating a workplace wellness programs is important, not just for the sake of your employees, also for the lucrative benefits associated with it for the organization. A fit and healthy employee transforms into an asset for the company, and invests more time for the welfare of the company.

Just an example, let’s assume you don’t have an workplace wellness programs, and an average of 30% of your employees fall sick regularly; just imagine the loss your company suffers due to their absence.  

What you can do for workplace wellness programs?

There are so many things which you can do, so many activities that you can initiate in your company as fitness program. Though, here are few things you can do, and most companies are doing it

Go with ‘20 minutes’ fitness break

In the United States, most of the corporates allow 10-20 minutes of leisure time to their employees which they have to utilise for in healthy activities. They can take a stroll downtown, or take a walk here and there.

Take cues from Google

Let’s forget about others, the best example you can learn from is none other than Google. Google knows how to keep its employees happy, and they don’t even spend much to do that.

Google utilises every opportunity to keep its employees happy and fit.

  • Fitness rewards awarded to employees who participate in fitness programs, and decreases their employees insurance premiums.
  • Inside Google campus, irrespective of who you’re and which position you hold, you ride a bicycle for transportation. It’s eco friendly and keeps a check on fitness.   
  • Also, Inside Google break time is fun time, you can play different indoor sports in your break time.

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