Complete Your Samurai Sword Collection by Purchasing the Right Katana

Looking for the perfect katana sword to complete your sword collection? When it comes to purchasing these majestic beauties, then you need to know how to distinguish the real ones from the fakes.

Understanding the Need to Purchase Swords

When you explore in depth, you will come across many stores that sell many different kinds of samurai swords. If you are a first time buyer, it can be really confusing on which type of sword will best suit your needs and preferences. You cannot choose a decorative samurai for martial arts and vice versa.

Basically in the samurai world, there are three different sword types namely:

  • Iaito Swords – These swords are basically used for martial arts. They are made from carbon steel and perfect for repetitive sword practice
  • Functional or Regular Swords – These swords are specifically designed to cut through hard or soft targets such as trees, plastic bottles. They are prepared using high carbon folded steel
  • Decorative Swords – As the name suggests, these stainless steel or aluminum forged swords make good decorates for homes or offices
  • Heavy Swords – These are designed to cut through thick and hard objects.
  • Light Swords – The blades of these swords are lighter and capable to cut through light objects excellently.

Distinguishing Real From Fake Swords

Now, let’s understand the testing part. While browsing for a perfect sword, you might come across many sellers that offer Japanese katana for sale at affordable prices. Even if you get attracted to these offers, how can you vouch for the credibility of this sword? Here is where you need to understand the difference between genuine and fake swords.

Real and authentic swords apart from decorative and practice swords are made from high carbon steel. Secondly real swords are heat forged and folded numerous times to enhance the toughness of the sword.

Real swords come with full tangs when compared to decorative tangs. A tang is the grip portion of the sword, which gives it better agility and strength to slice through objects.

Real swords will include authentic hamon. Hamon is nothing but the wavy design patterns that run along the edge of the samurai sword blades. Fake swords may include hamon etched with acids or brush.

Places to Shop for the Best Samurai Swords

Now that you have a brief idea on what to look for when purchasing katana swords, the next step would be to know where to search the stores that offer these beauties at affordable rates. Decorative swords are much cheaper than functional swords.

You may need to do a bit of research then make a list of genuine stores that sell samurai swords. Take your time going through reviews of existing customers. Compare prices of different stores to get the best deal.

If you are confused on which brand of samurai sword to go in for, then below is a list of some of the most popular brands:

  • Paul Chen Swords
  • Cold Steel Swords
  • Ryumon/ Masahiro Swords
  • Cheness Cutlery Swords


Ensure that you buy samurai swords from licensed stores. If you are a beginner and are purchasing samurai swords for practice or martial arts training, then make sure to use the sword under expert supervision.


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