Choosing The Right Cake For Your Special Occasion

There are many opportunities in life to indulge in cake; often it is a temptation which must be resisted as, like so many things, too much of a good thing is not actually good for you.  However, there are occasions when you need that perfect cake, or even a delicious French pastry.  When you have that need or the craving you may wish to look for an authentic French pastry shop; something that may not be easy if you are not living in France!

Fortunately there is an excellent option for anyone living in Canada; Amadeus Patisserie are based in Toronto but have an excellent website and are happy to deliver their delicious cakes and the authentic French pastries to most locations!  Of course, if you are close enough to visit you may be able to sample the huge array of cakes and pastries before you commit to the right one for your special occasion.

There are literally hundreds of different cakes to choose from when selecting one for your special occasion; the simplest rule by which to choose a cake is to go with the one that you will enjoy the most; you can dress any cake up to look fantastic:


The default cake for many people is a simple sponge with a layer of jam, cream or something similar in the middle.  You can opt for a simple top with just icing sugar or you may prefer a fully iced cake and a scene which will depict the special occasion.  Whichever is your preferred choice you can be sure it will look fantastic!


Fruit cakes offer the same flexibility as the sponge cake; they can also be iced and a scene created on top.  Although they are traditionally round they do not have to be; you can choose any size or shape; challenge your baker!


This is a French option!  A delicate, light base can be filled with fruit or made into a flan or a variety of other selections; the only real limit is your imagination.  Whether you choose to have a selection of different tarts or one large one; you are guaranteed to achieve a good result!


A good French pastry shop will have an excellent array of pastries designed to melt in your mouth.  From the traditional French croissant, to an almond croissant, a chocolate brownie, pain aux raison or even a chocolate éclair; there will be something which appeals to your taste buds.  In fact, this can sometimes be the best possible solution as you can order a tray or two of pastries to satisfy, and even impress your guests.  This also means that everyone should be able to find something which appeals to their particular preference.


Finally, if you have a little more time you can choose to design your own cake or pastry.  Most places will be more than happy to provide you with some assistance in choosing the right kind of cake and finishing it properly.  In fact, it will be likely to end up looking so good you will not want to cut it!

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