How To Calcualte The Wattage Of A Ceiling Fan?


The ceiling fans have been one of the indispensable furnishings of every home in the world. The ceiling fans help to circulate the air throughout the room which is highly essential for keeping the room fresh and well ventilated. Both in the summers as well as the winters, ceilings fans have got some role to play in all the seasons. A variety of models of ceiling fans are however available in the market basing upon the sweep capacities of the blades and the power consumptions. The various fan models suit separate room sizes and the electric current capacities of different households. Thus it is highly essential to gain awareness regarding these certain ratings of a fan which can be used to select the best model of a ceiling fan out of a large number of models available in the market.

What Is The Wattage Of A Fan And What Is The Need Of IT?

The power consumption of a fan or any other electric appliance is termed as the wattage. The wattage is generally dependent on the current flowing through the device and the voltage supplied to it. The wattage is either mentioned on the electrical appliances on the labels or can be calculated manually.

Getting to know about the wattage of a fan or specific electrical appliance can give an estimate of the power it consumes in a specific unit running time. in the locations where a heavy price is charges per unit consumption of electricity in households, getting to know about the wattage of fans can be highly beneficial in deducting some additional costs that might have appeared on the final electricity bill. If the per hour consumption of a fan is known, the fan can be run for specific times by adopting certain strategies so that the power consumption is minimum and the output is optimum.

How To Calcualte The Wattage Of A Ceiling Fan?

How To Calculate The Wattage Of A Fan Manually?

Generally all the fans come with a label that have the power consumption or wattage clearly mentioned on them. But in case the wattage is not mentioned, then a few simple steps can help to determine the wattage of the fan and can help you on your venture to save electricity.

The following steps can be adopted to get to know about the wattage of a fan:

  • Locate The Label : The label, if it does not carry any information about the wattage, must contain some information about the current that the fan uses or the amperes. The label is generally found near the motor of the fan or on the opposite side of drum or near the base.
  • Note TheAmpere Rating Of The Fan : Different fans have different ampere ratings depending upon their functioning capacities. A standard fan generally has an ampere rating of 0.5 to 0.9 amps and can be even more of larger fans. Generally the larger fans have bigger motors which requires more current for functioning.
  • MultiplyWithVoltage : Generally the voltage supplied to a fan is 120 Volts. This can also be found mentioned in the label itself. Multiply the ampere value with the voltage value to get the power rating of the fan in watts. The power that is calculated in this method is the amount of power that the fan consumes while running in maximum speed for unit time.


All the necessary precautions should be taken to avoid accidents before trying to reach out for the label to find the information. One can also use the internet to find the necessary information rather than finding the label. Getting to know about the wattage of a fan can help to save energy.

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