It’s a competitive 2D fighting game. It features a colorful cast, excellent speed in controls, and it has a very pleasant view in aesthetic terms. In fact, there is a lot to like about this game.

Combat System

In the game, you have two attack buttons: a jump button, and a dodge & throw. When you have taken damage in the game, attacks push you away, and the more damage you take the further you go. It is interesting that the game doesn’t have a health bar; instead, you lose when you leave the screen. If you are knocked too far across, too far up and too far down, you are dead. In a similar manner, if you can’t stay inside the map, you’ll lose a life.


Each character has two weapons, and you can use the power of these weapons randomly on the stage. This means that you have two stances from each character giving you to learn from the front oriented battle. Use tier list to select the best players.


Another big difference is monetization. At present, the game is closed beta, which means that you have to sign up for the key, or you can pay for a founder pack which comes with a key. In this founder packs, some keys to give your friends as a gift are also included. When the game is finished, it is going to be a free to play a fighter. It will have rotating rosters, free characters, and league of legends.


As far as the modes of the game are concerned, there is a coach party mode also known as the standard mode of the game. It has customizations for things like if you want teams, the number of lives, and time for the match and so on. There is also a single-player mode in which you can play tournaments. But, the tournament mode is fascinating because it tells how far you can go. There is an online mode and custom online mode. Lastly, there is a ranked mode which puts you in the worldwide ladder. To get shirt of this game checkout Forward.

The game is very simple and can be related to the Smash Brothers. Many people are comparing it to the Smash Brothers. I, too, believe that the comparison holds up. One thing worth mentioning is that the graphics of the game aren’t as polished as they should be, but given the 2D nature of the game, it is acceptable.

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