Best 4 Email Marketing Trends On 2017

We all know the importance of email marketing, especially for the e-commerce business companies and finical advisors. We have gained many subscribers by doing an online campaign. Like any other marketing strategies, email marketing takes place regularly to give engagement. As our current trends are changing, you also need to change the content of the email to make engaged with the list of audience you have.

Here are the current four trends you can use now.

  • Redesign the newsletter

We have all seen pop up window on many sites when we are suffering through that site. It is one of the best email marketing trends for many years. But the newsletter options seems to lose its value in the market because of the personalization towards the sites.

The sign-up rate for your newsletter in a website is a low value. When it comes to financial services, you need to work on the newsletter to tempting to inspire someone to do actions. For examples: Sign up to download a video, top 10 mistakes that investors do. Options like this can tell a visitor to sign up the newsletter.

  • Make it For Email

The percentage of emails that are opened on the mobiles is 53%. Every email has to be optimized for mobiles. Studies also tell that 75% of the mobile users will delete the email that will not render correctly on the mobile devices.

The simplest way is to email campaigns that will automatically make your email designs and templates to mobile-friendly. For once or twice in a week, you need to test the emails on mobiles to ensure that work correctly.

  • Keep entertain

Studies tell that 94% of the views are increased by using an image in the content. People will firstly see the picture if its goods they will read the rest of your information. Even you can use videos to have a better communications among with audience.

The audience loves to like, share, and engage with the video content when compared to other types. The word “VIDEO” can make a significant impact on people’s mind to open (Studies tells there are 19% chance to open) the email to know what’s in that thing.

Important thing to remember, when you’re using video content you need to make it mobile friendly

  • Quality or Quantity

Keep your email short, sweet, and meaningful. If you think to provide them with lengthy information, all you have to do is write a blog post and, in your email share the important points and links to direct them to your blog to read it thoroughly. The same goes for the video content if your video is more 3 minutes you are losing most of the viewer’s attention.

These four email database marketing trends can make a difference with your audience. Once you gain more traffic through email, don’t hesitate to implement new techniques.

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