Benefits Of Digitalization For Truck Transporters and Consumers

You have more than 8 million goods vehicles running on the roads in India. Despite contributing 6% to the GDP of the country, the truck transportation services in the country still lie fragmented and unorganized. So people hardly expect good services from them.

But things seem taking a turn now after the introduction of technology to this industry. The expanding consumer price space in the country, digital technology and improvisation in the infrastructure and mildness in Government regulations are also contributing in making truck transportation a smooth and promising business in India.

Nowadays many truck transporters offer Online Truck Booking services In India.  What are the benefits of online truck booking services for consumers as well as the service provider let us discuss them one by one.

Benefits of Digitalization for Consumers

The best way to make the truck transportation services smooth and organized in the country is to integrate the technology and make them digitalized. Some of the benefits of online truck booking services for consumers are as follows:

  • Quick Booking and no Bargaining: The online booking services will reduce the need of making calls to multiple parties to bargain prices. The price is written there at the portals of the truck transporters. You can just check the price and availability of the service. After confirming, then you discuss load details and terms. Once you will submit your load, within minutes you will get quotations in your account.  Then you will be prompted to agree to the terms online. The booking can be made also through the Smartphone application of the truck transportation company.
  • Transparency: This will bring transparency in the truck hiring process. Now no truck driver in India can add hidden charges or will reach late at your warehouse. As you will receive the quotation in your account .When you book trucks online, there are tips and tricks to find reliable truck drivers. You can read the online reviews of the truck transporters and know about their services from your friends and relatives.
  • Get Right Prices: The competition among the truck transporters makes sure you get right prices. Since your load is visible to almost all the truck transportation services across India, you will get quality suppliers. The competition among the truck transportation services ensures faster delivery, increased vendor base and your business grows manifolds and performs to its true potential. Due to online truck booking services, you can find trucks anytime when you require. This reduces turnaround time and makes fast delivery of the cargo possible.
  • Benefits of Online Truck Booking for Truck Transporters

Where the online truck booking services are considered a boon for the consumers, there it is also a great boon for the transporter itself. Some of its advantages for the transporter itself are as follows:

  • The online medium provides them with an opportunity to promote their business. They can publicize their business in every nook and corner of the country.
  • If the truck transporter is able to deliver better services than its competitors then that can increase its customer base. The positive reviews online will make more and more people Hiring the Transportation Services.
  • Now the truck transporters will not have to look for the customers in the market, the customers will come to them through their online portal and the mobile application.
  • The introduction of the GPS technology will increase the safety and security of trucks as no driver will be able to resort to rash driving, mix alcohol and driving or indulge in some crime.  With the GPS technology, you can tell the exact location of your driver and direct him remotely.

The unprofessional truck drivers create nuisance on the roads of India not just for the traffic officials only but also for the common people. They cause traffic jams on roads and often topple on roads and become the cause of frequent accidents. The rogue truck drivers drive dangerously, ply into no-entry zones causing accidents. The digitalization and the initialization of online truck booking services in India is expected to bring the things on line. Let us wait, the time will tell us the story very soon.

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